Orcus and Hopi III

The third Yin Gate in our sequential Orcus and Hopi Stations this weekemd is in the Hopi Station chart.  Of course the two charts are only a day apart, so the only planet that’s moved more than a Degree is the Moon.  Here’s what the Hopi-Station Yin Gate looks like…

The Central Axis is our old friend Sappho-Sedna – Finding Self-Love by Facing our Fear, Breathing into It, Tapping It Out, and Kegeling it into Submission.  It’s a Yin Gate though, so expect Paradoxes around that theme.  The enclosing Golden Rectangle is also very familiar – Rebirth of our Yintegrity (Haumea Opposite Uranus-Eris) on one diagonal, and Opening the Door to Limitlessness by Recovering our Abandoned Genius (Ixion Opposite Chaos, with Ixion joined by Most-Important-Thing Saturn, and Chaos joined by Truth-Aletheia and Action-Mars) on the other.

It’s the Ixion-Chaos (or Ixion/Saturn-Chaos/Mars/Aletheia) Axis that the Hopi Station T-Squares.  The first thing that tells us is that We Need to Immediately Forgive the Perps Who Suppressed our Genius.  We cannot maintain Respect for All Things if we harbor resentment toward our Programmers, and Respect for All Things is precisely the Challenge that here haunts the Recovery of our Genius.

I was tickled recently when, getting my computer upgraded at the Mac Store (which upgrade allows us pictures again), the person at the “Genius Bar” who was helping me told a story about “before I became a Genius.”  For most of us, though, seeking employment with Apple would probably not quality as “Recovering our Forbidden Genius.”

As we Strive to Immediately Forgive the Purps, we want to remember that Forgiving does not mean “making up.”  Forgiveness is about Letting Go of our Internal Stress, not about Loosening Boundaries.  As we’ve said many times, Forgiveness isn’t a Decision, it’s a Discovery – one day we wake up and Discover – Lo, We aren’t Angry about that any more!  Just because Forgiveness isn’t a Decision, though, doesn’t mean it can’t be an Intention.

And Forgiveness doesn’t mean we discard the Lesson that we aren’t Safe being Vulnerable around those folks or in those circumstances; it just means that we don’t have to constantly remind ourselves how Angry we are in order to Keep ourself Safe.  We’ve Forgiven ourself for being so inappropriately Vulnerable.  It means we now have a new Habit of routinely Keeping ourself Safe in similar circumstances – we’ve Expanded our Consciousness and Let Go of an Archetype that compelled us to Abandon ourself and Give Away our Power. 

Now, you may not have noticed that the two Stations are half a Sign distant from one another.  So what?  That would be the 24th Harmonic, and the Major Arcana stops at 21.  But both Stations occupy Degrees that hold many other planets.  That means that there could be planets in one of the charts that are four and a half Signs – a Trioctile – from a planet in the other chart.  A Trioctile’s primary claim to fame is that, if it’s joined by a second Trioctile, it forms a Mjolnir, signifying Epiphany.  Do any of those occur in this weekend’s charts?

Six of them!  A Mjolnir is formed when a third planet sits at the far Midpoint between two planets that are Square to one another.  Here they are, in purple…

The Mjolnir will Open us to Healing Insights around the Challenges represented by the Square in it’s base.  The six Mjolnirs are…

  • The Hopi Station on the Square from Mercury to Nemesis: Rather than trying to Understand what your Ego Deaths are about, just Focus your Attention on Forgiveness toward anyone who has insulted you, remembering what we said above about Forgiveness.  We can Respect someone without making ourself Vulnerable to them in circumstances where we aren’t Safe.
  • Haumea on the Square from Nessus to Ceres-Mnemosyne: Epiphanies around Past and Current situations of Power-Over, where we may be on either the Privileged or the Abused side of the Equation.  Giving up Inappropriate Vulnerability, Replacing Victimhood with Consciousness of our own Vulnerability and Habits of Self-Protection.  Learning about Power-With.
  • Ixion-Saturn on the Square between Mercury and Vesta: Insight into the Limiting Beliefs which Correlate with the Repression of our Hidden Genius, and the Realization that we have the Power to Change our own Limiting Beliefs once we bring them into Consciousness.  At one point we were Victim to Repressions where we lacked Power; Now we have the Power to turn this around, because the Perp is now our own Limiting Belief, a vestige of the Repressive events.
  • Nemesis on the Square from Hopi to Chaos-Mars-Aletheia: Easy Ego Deaths, so Easy we probably won’t recognize them as that, because we won’t feel Tortured.  Seeing the Truth of how it’s our own Actions that Limit our Ability and Willingness to Collaborate in Win-Win situations with Talented People.
  • Uranus-Eris on the Lilith to Orcus-Karma Square: Epiphanies about the Relationship between our obsolete Oaths and our Self-Sovereignty.  You may have had no Choice but to Obey in the fourteenth century, but that was then and this is Now.  Once you connect the Oath and the Self-Sabotage, you can Dance into the sort of Self-Love and Self-Confidence that will make others want to help Co-Create your Dreams with theirs.
  • Mercury on the Hopi to Ixion-Saturn Square: The Realization that Respect for All Things includes Respect for Ourself and All of Ourself, especially including the Selves we’ve always Wanted to Be and Wished We Were – that is, our Forbidden Genius.  Thinking back over your Life, you Discover the Daydreams that you’ve always had, and Realize that only your Limiting Beliefs hold you back, and that you can Intend to Change those in an Instant.

2 Responses to “Orcus and Hopi III”

  1. desmene Says:

    Perfectly spot on. Thank you!

  2. alchemist0310 Says:

    genius bar! how perfectly that lined up for “us” in today’s starchart … 14th century irrelevant you say… hmmm. how about 16th?! I jest.
    I tap therefore I am…
    I love this post.
    happy the pictures are back.
    those are what first drew me in back when!

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