Response-Ability 2

Today is Pattern-Breaker Day, as per the last picture in the Rose above the Sky post (  Well, okay, the next-to-the-last picture; the last picture is the Beatles.  So if you encounter anything less than Blissful, remember that the only reason you would Choose to Experience less-than-Blissful for more than a few moments, is that it’s a Habit, and today all you need to do is make the Choice to Feel What Want to Feel, and let the natural Energy of Habit-Breaker Day do the rest.

Habits are like Muscles; you build them up with repetitions.  The more you Allow Bummers to run your Life, the more you reinforce that Habit, but the more you Choose the Positive, the easier it gets.  There’s one HUGE exception to this.  You have to be Loving and Gentle with your olde Bummers.  Poor-Sweethearting them is good.  Tapping out their Intensity is good.  Giving yourself some Limited amount of time just to be Present and Forgiving with them is essential. 

This is the Edge between Denial and Choice; Denial is Resistance to your Habitual Bummers, Choice requires Loving Acceptance of your Bummers exactly as they are.  A good “rule” to remember about Feelings, Circumstances, Bummers, Habits, and just about everything else, is that…

Nothing Can Change until You Accept It Exactly as It Is.

Poor-Sweethearting is a good place to start.  You may not be able to deflate a Lifetime Bummer in one Choosing today, but if you practice it today, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can jump ahead.

We still have more to say about Responsibility, but first, here’s a completely different Perspective on the same thing…

If you don’t know John, he was a Peace Corps volunteer in the South American jungles, and from there went on to work for the modern American Colonial Establishment (the World Bank).  When he says “EHM” in his post, he’s referring to his career as an “Economic Hit Man,” which job he describes briefly in the post.   Later, after he saw through the Colonial game, he went back to the jungles, where the Shamans taught him that The World Is As You Dream It, which is the title of one of his many Powerful books (

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