The Rose and the Apple

The slowest planet in the Grand Quintile and Grand Decile is the Sun, which moves one Degree per day, so both “Grands” persists for another few days.  Here’s an intriguing use of Apple…

Notice her association between Apple and Heart.  And while we’re on the subject of Activism, here’s an interesting approach…

And a few potential places where either approach might be useful…

I’m reminded of my experience of watching the movie The Corporation.  When I left the showing, I was troubled about feeling the need to go back to the barricades, but as I walked, the sidewalk began to undulate under my feet as I felt Mother Earth’s Breathing, and a seven-foot green Fellow “spoke” to me from a pit next to the sidewalk, instantly telepathing that it wasn’t about Protest, it was about PIAVAing the World I wanted to see.

Later I related the story in an RJ Stewart (among other things a Priest of Irish Mysticism, workshop, and RJ responded with his own story about a team of women who protested England’s first nuclear power plants.  After failing to stop the creation of the power plants they moved to the Western US and started a Meditation Group.  That Group, RJ said, created the Energy that expanded into the Environmental Movement in the US.

Which is no condemnation of Activism, if you’re called to it.  Most of my own Activism is low-key, focusing on Respect for Nature and Food Security and Quality (eg,,,, Native Rights (eg, and Relative Truthiness (eg,,

These folks, for instance – – are featured in the Spring 2017 issue of Permaculture International, only one of so many examples of what’s going on outside the view of Fear-mongering television news.  And in the Summer issue co-founder Maddy Harlan says (Empowering Women with Permaculture, p.52)…

“My favorite principle of Cultural Emergence is allow for the possibility of the seemingly impossible.  This encourages us to envision the world we actually want.  Could we, for example, imagine a world where there is zero sexual abuse?  It might seem impossible from where we currently are, but it is by allowing for that possibility that we will actually find ways to bring it into reality.

“Emergence is a term used in systems thinking where two or more things come together with unexpected results.  So who knows where the turning points are and what opportunities will open up when we focus our combined attention on designing and creating the cultures we want to flourish in the world.

It’s important to Focus on what’s most Meaningful to us, and it’s very important to be Neutral.  If we don’t approach Activism from a Neutral place we’re likely to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution.  Fighting for Peace is War, not Peace.  Struggling against the Patriarchy is Power-Over, not Power-With.  We need to Be the Change we Wish to see in the World, as Gandhi said.  It’s much more important to Work on our Neutrality (eg Tapping, Poor-Sweethearting, PIAVAing) than it is to be a non-Neutral Activist about anything.

Neutrality and Passion are not a Duality, they’re Both/And.  In the Grand Unx in the previous post, all six of the Oppositions are Yin Gates.  Which one do you think may be suggesting that we’re about to come face to the face with the Paradox that Passion and Neutrality make Powerful Partners?  We can be Deeply Committed without being Attached to any particular Outcome. 

In a sense, this is what the Patriarchy is illustrating for us.  The specific Outcome doesn’t matter to them, they just Spin it, and use it as the ground for their next attack on Equality.  Liberated from Maslow’s Pyramid, they’re playing with Reality like a Cat plays with a Mouse.  They’re very much showing us how to Create Our Own Reality.  Our Expectation of Consistency is a Limiting Belief.  Reality is Unitary and Multifarious and Infinite.  Contradictions are in the Limitations of the Beholder. 

Our Outrage at their Success is a Funhouse Mirror for our Limiting Beliefs.  We Want a different Result, but we’re being invited to follow their example and Create What We Do Want.  Marilyn Raffaele Channels the Arcturians for us…

“Creativity in all its forms is the Divine Feminine expressing Itself–Divine Mother giving birth to  new ideas in infinite form and variety on all levels and in all dimensions.  The energy of the Divine Feminine resides within the heart center and as increasingly more people allow their hearts to open, integrating and activating the energy of the Divine Feminine in balance with the Divine Masculine, it will manifest as creative ideas  heretofore never dreamed of.

“In order for this true creativity to flow and manifest, the Divine Masculine must also be integrated for they are two halves of a Divine Whole.  Men are being guided to integrate and allow their Divine Feminine to flow, while women are being guided to integrate and allow their Divine Masculine to flow.  The creative ideas of one without the other are either non-existent or only able to manifest in incomplete, three dimensional, and often uninspiring forms.

“Allow the process dear ones, allow the process.  Be not afraid to embrace and  implement each new truth into all facets of daily living.  Trust that your Higher Self is always guiding and leading you to where you are ready to be.  Allow the process.”

The rest of this May 7 post of hers is a good.  Find it now at ; once she Channels another message, you can find it at or .

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  1. desmene Says:

    Excellent articles… the 24 questions are especially poignant.

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