May I

May looks a little calmer than we’ve become accustomed to, other than the ongoing Big Events like the Fear/Self-Love Yin Gate and our Rebirth into Yintegrity and our Abandoned-Genius Recovery and our interview with the Galactic Center.  Well, that doesn’t sound so calmer does it.  But we’re used to these Energies, they aren’t sneaking in the back door after we go to bed any more, they’re at the front door knocking while we’re awake. 

It’s lack of Experience with an Energy that makes it most Challenging for us.  As all these dwarf planets have been Discovered over the last couple of decades, Energies that have been buried in the Unconscious now see the Light of day, and it will take Western Cultures a while to “Ascend” to becoming accustomed to working with them Consciously.  Eastern and Primary (what used to be called “Primitive”) Cultures have always known about them, which is why these Cultures are Rising while Western Cultures are Sinking to the extent that they aren’t adapting.

Communication and Negotiation should flow more smoothly again after 3 May (10am PDT) as Mercury turns Direct again after its three-week hiatus.  The Station occurs right on Uranus (our Soul Self) and Eris (Revelation of What the Ego Couldn’t Abide and Previously Held out of Consciousness), so Communication and Negotiation between Our Various Selves will be Enhanced the most.  Go for Win-Win – Listen carefully to seek the Positive Result that each of your Internal Voices Wants, and then Ask your Other Selves how they can Help without giving up their own Needs. 

If Other People are Acting out these roles for you, they’ll trigger strong Emotions in you (negative or positive).  Don’t fall for that – it’s called Projection, and it’s Toxic.  Just Ask yourself, “What part of ME is that character Standing In for?” and go from there to Win-Win.  If the character is too odious to actually be part of ME (for instance, they might be an empty suit whose only attribute is pathological Self-Confidence), then your work is cut out for you – Face Down the Ego Death and Embrace the Hell out of your Nemesis.

The 10 May Full Moon (Illumination) will Stretch us more, as the (Full) Moon itself teams up with Pluto (What We Can Maneuver but not Reverse) and Juno (What’s Coming into Consciousness) to form the base of a Finger of God (Pay Attention to This!) pointing at dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential, Infinite Choice).  This will be much Enhanced by the simultaneous Station (Strengthening) of Juno (9 May 4pm PDT), so we can Expect a great deal of Vulnerability.

This is joined by a huge and closely related Grand Quintile (the Gift of Easy Learning) that will help us a lot, though we’re still likely to Experience Ego Deaths around it, as Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) and Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) join the Full-Moon Sun in the Grand Quintile along with Jupiter (Expansion) and Saturn-Ixion (The Most Important Thing is to Recover our Abandoned Genius).

Once we Recognize and Respond to Emotional and Physical Pain as the Learning Opportunities that they are, and locate our Excitement about the Unknown Glory that lies beyond the Limitations that we’re about to Leap Over, Ego Death becomes a Joy. 

We of course also have to Recognize that the Unknown Glory is Unknown, and let it remain so.  If we try to speculate on its color and flavor with the mind, we’re simply Embracing the Limitations we could be Letting Go Of.  Better to Embrace the Excitement in our Emotional Body without needing a reason to be Excited other than “Yay!  This Excitement Feels Great, This is the Way I Want to Feel more often in my Future, and Practice Makes Perfect!”


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