New Moon 26.4.17

In addition to the re-institution of the Sappho-Sedna Yin Gate (Learning to Transmute Fear into Self-Love) that we’ve discussed in the last two posts, the most prominent elements of the 26 April (5am PDT) New Moon chart itself (in 7 Degrees) are…

(1) Self-Sovereignty
(2) Trust
(3) Boundaries

(1) Self-Sovereignty because the New Moon is one foot of the base of a Finger of God (green arrowhead) pointing to Lilith (the popsicle moon at top right); Lilith is also the focus of a T-Square (red triangle) and Diamond Star, and one corner of a Grand Trine (blue triangle) – which is a huge emphasis on Lilith.

(2) Trust because the New Moon Squares Eurydike, which is the focus of a second Finger of God, and by “coincidence” also a corner of the Grand Trine.

(3) Boundaries because Pallas-Moira is the focus of a T-Square and “just happens to be” the third corner of the Grand Trine!

These three issues should Complement one another very well.  With Moira (Fate) Conjunct Pallas (Boundaries) we’re probably talking about Being Given Opportunities to Notice and Change long-term and Karmic Habits of Giving Away Our Power.  

I’m amazed at how much in tune so many people are these days.  For instance, after I wrote that last paragraph I got an email from Carol Look offering a free Tapping video on Taking Back our Power…

I interpret the Trust part (and the Grace in the Grand Trine) to mean that we can Trust that it will be Safe to practice new Responses to situations where we would previously have Habitually Given Away our Power.  

We’re likely to interpret these Opportunities as just another  situation where we’re going to be the Victim, so keep an eye out for these.  Fate (Moira) is a Duality, so we know it’s a falsehood.  Truth is Multidimensional, Multifarious, and Unitary (that is, the Heart Recognizes it), while Duality is an Illusion caused by “left-brain” dominance and Power-Over Programming, where Others take advantage of our Vulnerability to Dualistic thinking to Dominate us.

You’ll want to Invite the assistance of the Unconscious, since the roots of our Habits to Give Aware our Power are likely to be deep – PIAVA to “Become Conscious of Patterns to Give Away our Power, and Choose Safe Alternatives” or the like.

Notice the other players in the T-Squares…

Orcus – Breaking Oaths, including Oaths to Give Away our Power
Lachesis and Nessus – Abbreviating Timelines of Abuse
Atropos – Endings
Hylonome – Stepping out of Archetypes

Orcus and Hylonome join the New Moon in a second Grand Trine, and these two join Lachesis-Nessus and Atropos in a Golden Rectangle (blue box) – a whole lot of Coordinated Grace here!


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