Abuse and Trauma can take a lot of different forms.  Watch closely on 21-22 April for any signs or Memories of Abuse, as we will have a prime Opportunity to Let Go of Abuse.  Before we suggest how to take advantage of this Opportunity, let’s suggest what to look for.

As we say, Abuse can take many forms.  Uninvited Sexual Attention, Violence, and Bullying are the most obvious, but lack of Respect, lack of Recognition, and Power-Over in general are all Abusive.  Teasing is Abusive.  “Mild” abuse, to the extent that there is such a thing, when Chronic or Repeated, can be just as Damaging as major Trauma.  Notice that Chronic and Repeated lack of Respect, lack of Recognition, and Power-Over are central to the Patriarchy.

Without “Blaming the Victim,” when we as Receivers of Abuse, refuse to Accept it any longer, the Abuse Paradigm will collapse.  We may not be able to do that all at once, since most of us “Survive” on Money, and most of the Money is controlled by the Patriarchy.  But most of us can make small steps in the direction of Refusing to Accept Abuse while maintaining our Safety.  By PIAVAing Creativity, we may also be able to take incrementally larger steps over time.

Sooner or later the other 99 Monkeys will join us, and Abuse will fall away completely.  In the interim, we want to Become Aware Of, and PIAVA to Modify, any of our Patterns of Consciously or Unconsciously Accepting Abuse.  Moving beyond our Safety can lead to Losing Ground, so it’s important that we PIAVA and Choose Pattern Modifications that Preserve our essential Safety.

At the same time, strive to Become Aware of, and PIAVA to Modify, any of our own Patterns of Consciously or Unconsciously Perpetrating Abuse.  That can even include Judgment.  Even if they aren’t Sensitive enough to detect it, your Judgment will be an Abusive blow to the Energy System of those you Judge, even as it warps your own Aura

Don’t miss the fact that Self-Judgment is Abuse, potentially the worst kind of Abuse, because it prevents Self-Love, and Self-Love is a critical step toward Liberation.

Remember that Karma is Dead.  The next small step that we take toward Self-Sovereignty and Self-Love and Power-With could be the last step standing between us and Freedom.  Make room for that Possibility in your PIAVAs, and preface them with “Poor Sweethearts” for your Fear.  Use the Instant-Feedback property of Theta Healing to scope out your Actions in advance so you can Choose Effective and Safe Actions.

That’s a pretty high-level summary of the Issues; feel free to Ask Questions via Comments; I’ll keep them all Confidential.

So, why are we suggesting all this?  

Centaur Nessus symbolizes Abuse and Privilege. Abuse and Privilege are opposite sides of the same Coin.  The dwarf planet 2007 OR10 represents irruptions of material from the Unconscious.  Both of these are Conjunct the South Node, which represents the Unconscious Habits we brought into the current Lifetime with us.  This has been true for a while now.

This weekend, the Moon crosses this trio, Lighting them Up.  The influence is likely to be most Intense between about 10am PDT on 21 April and 4am or so PDT on 22 April, but any of us could feel it more broadly than that.

Asteroid Lachesis, symbolizing the Length of  a Timeline or interval between Ego Deaths (which can be so severe we’d “rather die” or so mild we hardly notice them), is nearby.  The presence of Lachesis implies that we may be able to shorten the chord between us and a Habit of Accepting or Perpetrating Abuse.

Meanwhile, the North Node that represents our Mission or Destination in the Lifetime is Conjoined by asteroid Karma itself, and by dwarf planet Orcus, which symbolizes Oath-Breaking.  Acceptance of Abuse often has its origin in an Oath at some point, where we Vowed to Accept Abuse in order to avoid what we regarded as worse punishment.

Mars (Action, Anger. potentially Violence) makes a T-Square (Challenge to Mastery – the red triangle pointing at Mars) across the Nodal Axis (the long red line angling upward to the right) and the Stellia (groups of 3 or more planets, not to be confused with Stella! though the meaning is similar) on each end.  This could easily amp up the Intensity of our Memories or Experience or both.  

It’s easy to Conflate Memory with the Current Moment, so be Aware that this weekend we may Experience Abuse more Intensely than it nominally is. This is what we mean when we say that Karma is a “Paper Tiger” – the appearance of a repetition of what we despise, which creates an Emotional Reaction inside of us that Feels like the “Real Thing.”  Think Southeast Asian Shadow Puppets, or Plato’s cave.

However, look at the big blue triangle also pointing at Mars.  This is a Grand Trine (three planets evenly spaced around the Zodiac), representing Big Grace and effectively erasing the Challenge in the T-Square – if we’re open to it, this combination can simply take us straight to Mastery “without passing Go”.

The other two corners of the Grand Trine are dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation) and asteroid Nemesis (Ego Death).  An Ego Death as part of a Grand Trine is highly likely to be one of those Ego Deaths that we “hardly notice.”  Makemake in the same Configuration implies that we may be able to use this Energy to eliminate Self-Sabotage, potentially permanently.

Notice also that the Mars T-Square is actually part of a Grand Cross (the red square with the X or + in the center, symbolizing the ability to juggle multiple diverse processes at once).  And Opposite Mars is the asteroid Sappho, symbolizing Self-Love.  

Sappho also makes an (upside-down) Kite out of the Grand Trine, and the planet at the “top” of a Kite (even if it’s temporarily upside-down; it’ll be right-side up in twelve hours) rules the whole Configuration.  The implication is that in this chart Self-Love can easily “trump” the Acceptance of Abuse or Privilege.

Notice also that the Sun and Mercury form a Trine Bridge across the Nodal Axis (the blue lines connecting to Sun-Mercury).  This is another Gift of Grace to reduce the Stress that would otherwise be involved.

Finally, notice the two green arrowheads or Fingers of God, pointing at Sun-Mercury and Makemake.  A Finger of God says “Pay Attention!”  Here they advise us to Pay Attention to Analyzing what’s going on (Mercury), and to the Outcome we’d like to Achieve (Makemake).

An additional subtlety: notice that Sappho is, barely, back within three Degrees of Sensitivity to Opposing dwarf planet Sedna (Fear).  Sappho is Retrograde (the “R” next to it), so it’s moving into the Opposition.  This is the beginning of the Re-Formation of the Sappho-Sedna Yin Gate that we worked with last month.  We’ll dissect that soon, as it’s barely starting.

However, what it means is that we are Learning how to Accept, Stand Up to, and Lovingly Embrace our Fear, in the process replacing it with Self-Love.  If “Poor-Sweethearts” don’t convert our Fear into Courage, Tapping or Kegels will.  There’s no need to take unnecessary risks (Safety First), but unless you’re in Grave Danger, remember that what you most Fear is very likely to be a Paper Tiger.

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  1. Eliza Ayres Says:

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    Good article for those who need to learn how “to Accept, Stand Up to, and Lovingly Embrace “our” Fear, in the process of replacing it with Self-Love.” And that includes most human beings…

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