Full Moon Questions

A reader asks, “Can you tell me a bit about the ramifications for me of the Full Moon being exactly on my Sun-Mars in Libra 21-26?”

Are you a pro at Cleanly Expressing your Anger, so that no one ever walks on you, but no one is ever offended when you set your Boundaries?  That seems like an oxymoron to most people, but you have the Potential to be an expert on it, and Teach it.  If you don’t feel ready for that, then this is homework time.  

Is there anyone on the Planet that you’re Angry at but you’re keeping it under cover?  Is there anyone on the Planet that you wouldn’t Make Love with?  I don’t mean that literally, but metaphorically, as a heuristic to see whom you might be Unconsciously Angry with or whom you might Judge.  

When you Feel Open and Loving enough with someone to be willing to Make Love with them – even though for political or tactical or compassionate or self-care or complication-avoiding or commitment-otherwise or even preference reasons you’d never consider actually do it – then there’s no one left to Forgive, and no Judgment left.

Remember that Forgiveness is not a Decision, but a Discovery.

21-26 Libra is the Cancer Duad of Libra, the zone where our Compassion for Other is tested.  Mars and Compassion may not be comfortable together in the same sentence, but there’s nothing wrong with Fierce Compassion, even before we get to Both/And.

Then there’s the Self-Judgment issue.  If you take fifteen minutes and recall and write down every instance in your Life when you Cleanly Expressed your Anger, so that no one walked on you, but no one was offended when you set your Boundaries?  You’re probably a lot better at this than you usually give yourself credit for.  

Conjunctions are like Squares in some ways – Mastery through Challenge, and while we’re often acutely aware of the Challenges, the Mastery is easily overlooked.

And the Identity Perspective.  Conjunctions are Mergings – we don’t have Perspective on the difference.  So you may not differentiate your Essence (Sun) from your Activism (Mars).  Mars is Action, Energy; Anger is only considered Martian because we live in Power-Over Cultures and we’re Punished for Anger because it’s an expression of our own Power.

So how do you generally consider yourself?  Do you think of yourself as Angry?  As a “Go-Getter”?  As oriented toward the Physical more than the Emotional or Intellectual?  As your “brother’s keeper”?  As someone who can hurt others with your Actions or Words?  As someone who’s a “loose cannon”?

If you don’t think of yourself in any of those terms, what if you did?  And if you do, what if you didn’t?  Freezing our Identity into Concepts is toxic; we’re Infinite Spiritual Beings, not Word Pictures.

Another reader asks, “The full moon hits my birth sun at the EXACT degree!  What can I do to move forward?  Love your blog.  I often have to reread it several times, but it is so juicy and full of info.  Thank you!”

I know, I have to reread it several times too.  My First Teacher used to say “Your own Truth goes right through you,” meaning that the mind often doesn’t easily follow the Heart.  Thanks for the kind words.

I think we’re all in that “What can I do to move forward? place, and the first question is probably “What am I Resisting?” or “What am I Anxious about?” or “Am I dwelling on What I Don’t Want?”  These can provide clues.  If you’re in Resistance about something, it’s especially important to add terms to your PIAVAs like “Lovingly and Gently” or “for the Good of All” or “with minimum Pain.”

If you aren’t familiar with PIAVA yet, look it up in the right-hand “Categories” column on https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/ (the column doesn’t appear when you’re looking at an individual post).

While collaborating with the Unconscious is our prime goal (since it’s in charge and Resistance is Futile), we also have to collaborate with our Olde Ego, because if we’re too rough on it, it can dig in its heals and make Growth harder yet.  Surrendering into Emotions we don’t like is usually very useful, when we’re Safe to do so. 

“Safety First” is a good general rule of thumb, as exposing the Olde Ego to unnecessary vulnerability can be counter-productive.  We can also PIAVA “Clarity on how to move forward,” and add something like “the Easy way, without sacrificing any Growth.”

The Sabian Symbol (reading for an individual Degree) for the Full Moon is “A child giving birds a drink at a fountain,” which Rudhyar interprets as “The concern of simple souls for the welfare and happiness of less-evolved beings who thirst for life renewal.”  Rudhyar was a product of his time, so he foolishly thought of Birds as “less-evolved” and Children as “simple souls.”

On the contrary, Michael Roads praises the Critters as “Living in the Moment,” perfect models for the Infinite Now that we’re moving toward as we surrender excess Cleverness (which he likes to say is “in bed with stupid”) and Live from the nonjudging Heart in every Moment.

Which suggests another possibility: reminding ourself to “go meta” as often as we can by Asking ourself, “What’s Happening Right Now?” as opposed to “What am I Worrying about?” or “What am I Feeling?”  What’s Happening in those moments are Worrying and Querying Emotions, for instance, and those Activities are very different from the content of our Anxieties and Emotions, particularly if we are trying to attribute Cause.

Are any of these suggestions useful?

And another reader muses…

This part is interesting: “the Unconscious knows Dimension but not Direction, so Opposites are Equal in its Realm.”  I guess this is why we always have to catch those negative thoughts in the bud and change them into positive thoughts – this puts those habitual attitudes that spring out by surprise into a kind of mechanical understanding, important we conciously direct the energy – but then i guess that goes against the aspect that says we have to give up on understanding.  Ok, I give up, I’ll just keep retraining my brain and subconscious.  It’s been working, so far, this retraining!  :)”

Remember it’s never Either/Or.  Understanding yields a lot of benefits when it’s accurate in the moment, not least of which is the Ability to Respond Appropriately when we Respond from the Left Brain.  It’s just that Understanding is what we seek when we’re exercising the Left Brain, and we’d be better off to Respond from the Heart or its ally the Right Brain.  As a friend once said, “Don’t get even, get odd.”

Plus, when the moment Changes, our Understanding may no longer be valid.  The Heart is more likely to be hip to such Changes.  And one thing that Understanding can do for us, is to help us Avoid our “Lessons” – a boon for the Ego but a bane for our Growth.

The issue of Negative Thoughts deserves more Attention, which we’ll come back to – remind me.

One Response to “Full Moon Questions”

  1. Shelby Clark Says:

    Thank you so much for so fully answering my question. There was so much practical wisdom in your answer. I can physically relate to the comment about Rudhyar’s Sabian symbol. And I can definitely practice PIAVA-ing with a little less, hmm, fear, perhaps? Feeling truly blessed by your response . . Now if I can hold on to that feeling and apply it in the bigger world (e.g., ye olde patriarchal bombs, named, ironically after the Goddess.).

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