Sautern II

Your Personal or “Personal” The-Most-Important-Thing (TMIT) can be defined by What You’ve Been Drawn to, or by What You’ve Been Resisting Most Strongly.  If you haven’t been Embracing your Forbidden Genius, or if you’ve been Avoiding Pain rather than Embracing it as a Teaching, you may still be Resisting your Most Important Thing.  

If the last few days have felt Positive, you’re probably in touch with your TMIT.  If it’s Felt Challenging, you may be in Resistance to your TMIT.  During Saturn’s Retrogradation, across 28-22 Sagittarius, it Dances with Chiron (Despair and Miracle) and with Ixion (Our Forbidden Genius).

Saturn was Initiated by Ixion in mid-February.  It revisits in early June, and again at the end of October.  We call the mid-February event a “Can-Opener” because the first event in a series usually introduces us to something which is arising into Consciousness and Disrupts our established Identity.  We’ll Learn a lot more about that Energy in June, and by October we’ll probably be quite Comfortable with it.

Saturn Squared (Mastery through Challenge) Chiron first in late December.  Any Unfinished Business you retain from that Experience will be rehashed in late April.  By early November you’ll be a pro with it.  

Late October and early November will be a particularly In-teresting Time, as Bugs would put it.  Saturn, Chiron, and Ixion will be having a Menage a Trois; it’s a good thing it’s the third event of three rather than a Can-Opener.

They’re joined by Haumea, Chaos, Uranus, and Eris to reconstitute our longstanding Golden Rectangle, and Mercury will Oppose Sedna to recreate another chapter of our Fear Yin Gate.

Saturn also represents the Father and Power-Over.  It’s interesting that the last two nights, as I’ve overheard the evening Soaps from the TV in the next room, Primacy of the Father has been a recurring theme – even among the TV Mothers, both as Masters of Power-Over.  The Females, meanwhile, have been particularly hysterical.  I’m sure it’s “just a coincidence.”

Plus, the likelihood of WWIII much increased today, giving the Fathers a fabulous opportunity to add reasons for extending the Patriarchy among the Sheople.

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