The Most Important Thing II

A reader brings up a very salient point…

“Tripping over its own feet for me:

 ‘When you access creative lifeforce energy by focusing on who you really are, you can create anything, you can experience anything, and you can become anything.  Accessing this energy is as easy as reminding yourselves of who you really are and feeling for it within yourselves, within the palms of your hands, and within the core of your being-ness.’

“Who are I really??  I think I missed that part.”

We’ll let Michael Roads take a stab at this, From Illusion to Enlightenment, p.17…

“Your blueprint holds the information that you are a metaphysical Being of pure energy, ageless and tireless, as well as a physical person with a genetic code.  Yet the life you live is mostly a physical one, with little or no regard for your metaphysical immortality.

“You also have beliefs about yourself that have no foundation in Truth.  Over aeons of time, along with all humanity, we have fabricated beliefs that reduce us to mere shadows of our greater reality.”

In this passage Michael attributes the “blueprint” to our DNA, but Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphogenetic Field would actually be more apt, as I agree with Michael and Rupert and many of the Saints, that Energy is a more appropriate metaphor for Who We Are than Matter.  Can Matter (as we usually see it) Dream, for instance?  

Ultimately, Consciousness is a better metaphor yet, but what the devil is Consciousness?  Our Conscious Intention collaborates with the Energy waiting patiently in the wall, so when we plug in the Kettle, Water (which itself is a Miracle) gets hot and collaborates with the Spirit of the Herb, and together we have Co-Created a cup of Tea!  Was it Matter that formulated the Intention?

Michael continues, on pp.36-37…

“Trust yourself without any conditions, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year.  You simply continue to consciously keep on trusting Self/self.  I’ll explain a bit more about trust and creation.

“Remembering what I told you about the One energy of humanity, nevertheless every person is an individual field-of-energy.  It’s a complete paradox: individualising Oneness.  

“And, for the umpteenth time, where you focus, your energy flows … and creates.  As many times a day as you can – maybe thirty times – you focus on unconditionally trusting yourself, forming the trust thoughts in your self-talk, and feeling the uplifting emotions of yourself creating inner trust.  

“As you do this you are creating within your personal field-of-energy.  Gradually, you are stitching – not the right word but it creates the right picture – new energy into your personal field-of-energy, and this new energy is trust.  

“You are the creator of your self and your life.  Gradually, over a period of time this new energy that you have created has an increasing influence on you, until the moment comes that your self-created trust overwhelms you … and Trust in Self becomes real.  You now trust, and your life completely changes.”


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