Ending Limitation II

Wow, it’s a lot more complex and comprehensive than I first noticed!  The Atropos and Moira Sign Changes are involved in a large, tight, and multi-faceted Configuration.  There are many Bottom Lines, but the biggest one is about Manifesting Respect for All Other Things.

That’s a Diamond Star focused on Hopi-Makemake at 1-3 Libra.  The components are a T-Square from Atropos and Saturn-Pholus-Quaoar, and a Yod from Mercury and Lachesis-South Node (Delineating a Timeline based on our Karmic history).

The T-Square though is part of a Grand Cross when we include the Moira-Venus-Pallas Stellium (Breaking Out of Limiting Values) on the cusp of Aries.  This Stellium is also the tail of a Kite focused on Hopi-Makemake, with Sappho and Varuna on the shoulders.

Let’s review the individual players…

  • Hopi-Makemake on the Cusp of Libra (Manifesting Respect for All Others)
  • Atropos on the Cusp of Cancer (Ending All Habits that aren’t Nurturing)
  • Saturn-Pholus-Quaoar on the Cusp of Capricorn (The Most Important Thing is to Take Full Responsibility for Survival) with all three Stationary (Power Surges)
  • Mercury on the Cusp of Taurus (Shattering Ossified Thought Patterns)
  • Lachesis-South Node on the Cusp of Pisces (Delineating a Timeline based on our Karmic history)
  • Moira-Venus-Pallas on the Cusp of Aries (Breaking Out of Limiting Values)
  • Sappho on the Cusp of Sagittarius (Letting Go of Impediments to Self-Love)
  • Varuna on the Cusp of Leo (Respect for the Life Force)

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