Glorious New Moon

The 27 March New Moon (8pm PDT), which will influence the next several weeks, will likely range from Poignant to Painful.  We’re calling that Glorious not because we’re Sadistic, but because it’s a Glorious Opportunity to Let Go once and for all of the Pain.

Hit me, said the Masochist.  No, said the Sadist.

Michael Roads keeps telling us that Victimhood is a Choice.  Well, now we can make the Choice to Let It Go for good.  

The New Moon (Initiation of a New Cycle) is in 8 Aries (Wisdom Graces the Feminine).  The primary Energy in the 6-8 Degree range is a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) to asteroid Aletheia (Truth) on the Opposition between Centaur Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) and dwarf planet Orcus (Oath-Breaking).

The T-Square has three Bridges (Paths to Make the Challenge Easier): a Trine Bridge (Grace) from Centaur Hylonome (Letting Go of Archetypes), and Quincunx Bridges (Curiosity) from asteroid Eurydike (Trust) and the New Moon itself.

The New Moon Squares (Challenge) Hylonome and Trines Eurydike, creating a Major Tricolor, with Eurydike Quincunx Hylonome indicating the Resolution to the Square via a PIAVA like

I Wonder what would happen if I Trusted that I can Let Go of the Archetypes which have kept me imprisoned.”

This creates Fingers of God to Eurydike and Hylonome, making 

Truth, Trust, and Letting Go of Archetypes the three Keys to the New Moon.

Archetypes are Unconscious Constellations of Energy that Control us, often without our knowledge.  For instance, an Archetype of Codependence can leave us Believing that we cannot Survive on our own. even if we’ve been doing it all our Life – we don’t notice the Contradiction because the Archetype is Unconscious.  

Other Archetypes can be Semi-Conscious, and Enforced by Shame.  We can never Consciously exceed the Boundaries of the Archetype without triggering our Shame, which we cannot tolerate.  Other Held Emotions can substitute for Shame.

All this means that Truth about Abuse is very likely to emerge, and that the Vows of Silence which we made under Duress, to try to Protect ourselves from further Abuse, are likely to come up into Consciousness where they can be Renounced.  

Don’t assume that this can’t be about you, as Abuse can take very subtle forms.  For instance, if your Significant Adults never recognized you as an Individual when you were an Infant, but saw you as a “blank slate” or an “Originally Sinful” Entity that required Programming, then you will be ruled by the Archetype of Unworthiness, no matter how kind and Loving your Programmers were.  

Stay open to Surprises, as Liberation may arise from Limitations that we Believed were just Impossibilities.

So, if all this may occur, how do we facilitate the Letting Go part?  Since PIAVAs communicate directly with the Unconscious, they’re a good place to start.  We could try, for instance…

“I Wonder what will happen if I Lovingly and Gently Open to the Truth, Become Aware of Limitations I no longer need, and Rapidly and Completely Let Go of them.”

“Ganeshi, Please Remove All Obstacles to my Letting Go of Obsolete Limitations and Effortlessly moving through the Barriers to this; Thank you, Ganeshi!”

It’s a good idea to add the “Lovinglys” and “Gentlys” because there are likely to be at least minor Ego Deaths, as they are all-too-common companions to Liberation.  The Ego’s very Job Description is to Defend the Status Quo.  You can’t really bribe the Ego with Chocolate or Gin and Tonics to get it to Let Go without a struggle, because it’ll just want More, and soon you’ll have forgotten why you’re bribing it.

The way to catch the Ego unawares so you can slip by while it’s flummoxed, is to be Loving and Gentle with Pain.  Love is Soft and Warm; Fear is Hard and Cold.  Use that Mantra to detect when you start to slip into Fear (one of Ego’s favorite weapons of war), and Consciously Soften and Warm your Pain.  It may help to locate it in your Body – make a guess if you’re not sure where.

Daniel Scranton also has some very useful Wisdom to add; see…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/ 

There’s much more to the chart, starting with two Grand Crosses (So Many Hassles that We Don’t Have Extra Bandwidth for the Luxury of Adding Frustration to the Mix)…

At 29-33 on the Cardinal (Creative) Cusps, we have Stationary (Strong) Pholus (Responsibility) Conjunct Quaoar (Survival Wisdom) on the Cusp of Capricorn (Practicality), Square Pallas (Boundaries) and Moira (Fate) in late Pisces (Letting Go of Attachment to Emotions), Opposite Atropos (Endings) in the last Degree of Gemini (Disassembly), and Square to Makemake (Manifestation) and Hopi (Respect for All Things) in early Libra (Meeting Other).

At 22-26 of the Cardinal Signs, Haumea (Rebirth) in Libra Opposes the Stellium of Uranus (Our Soul Self), Eris (Facing Truth), and Mercury (Intellect) in Aries (Inspiration), and Squares both Vesta (Limiting Beliefs) in Cancer (Nurturance) and Nemesis (Ego Death) in Capricorn.  Pluto (Trance-Reformation) isn’t far from Nemesis, and Jupiter (Expansion) isn’t far from Haumea.

Sedna (Fear) still Opposes Klotho (Foundation of a New Timeline) in 26-27 of Taurus (Organization) and Scorpio (Relentless Investigation) in the Yin Gate that we’ve discussed at length in previous posts, and Sappho (Self-Love) is Stationary and turning Retrograde on the Cusp of Sagittarius (Letting Go) as it prepares to reinstate it’s own Yin Gate with Sedna.

Finally, Chariklo (Walking in Beauty) is Initiating Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) at 14 of Capricorn (An Ancient Granite Sculpture from an Unknown Culture).

More about all this soon…

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