Daniel Scranton sounds right on today…


“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

“Before you ever set foot on planet Earth for the very first time, you understood that this was a mission.  You understood that Earth had a very special place in the galaxy and that you were embarking upon a very specific mission for all of consciousness.

“You all saw this experience as the greatest possible challenge that you could embark upon.  And while you knew that there would be some very dark times, quite a bit of pain, and a little too much suffering, you stepped right up to it and decided that this was the only place for you to be.

“Now as you began your cycle of lifetimes on planet Earth, you also understood how far you would be able to expand.  You understood that the reward for being on planet Earth was like none other in the galaxy.  And so you feel that the pain and suffering was worth it.  You may not feel it now, from where you stand, but we guarantee you that you feel it on the level of your higher self and your oversoul.

“Your next mission on this journey will be to create a brand new Earthly experience for yourselves and for all future generations, and those experiences will not be about challenges.  The next mission is about experiencing joy and unbridled, unconditional love.  You have come this far in order to feel what it is like to move from the depths of darkness to the heights of ecstasy.

“Now when you decide to embark upon the new mission is up to you.  It is up to you how much longer you play with the third-dimensional rules and when you fully embrace the fifth-dimensional perspective, the fifth-dimensional frequency, the fifth-dimensional experience of reality.  We know that many of you feel ready, and we say to you that you are.  It is all just a matter of opening your heart, letting that be your guide, and forgetting everything that you think you have learned up until this point.

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you.  That is all.”

Skeptical?  Wishful Thinking?  Dangerous Kool-Aid?  Remember that the more Perspectives we can Hold, the greater is our Ability to Cope with different and difficult circumstances.  If your Skepticism arises, Embrace it.  Don’t suppress it.  Yes, this is only one Perspective on Reality – but is it one that you’d Enjoy Choosing?  If it is, then Let it into your Heart.  Give it a Place among your Possible Futures.

I know, it Contradicts with a lot of other Beliefs we have, Consciously and otherwise.  Dealing with Contradiction is a major Portal to Growth in Consciousness.  Contradiction, it we Embrace it, creates Confusion, as if Feels like we’re Forced to Choose.  But Recognize that both Contradiction and being Forced to Choose are Either/Ors, Dualities, and only the mind is Dualistic.  Reality itself is Multifarious and Unitary.  So you know that Contradiction and Forced Choice are about your own Limitation, not about Reality.

Imagine standing in a stairwell.  On the stair you’re on, Contradiction, Forced Choice, and Confusion are like Flies buzzing around your Head in a cartoon.  There’s a landing a couple of steps above you, with an open window.  Go ahead and take those next steps up to the landing, so you can see what’s outside the window and get a breath of Fresh Air.  Leave the Flies behind on the lower step, and just Enjoy the territorial view and the Relaxation of Breathing Clean Air.  

“Raising your Frequency” is just that easy.  You can do it with a small Effort of Will.  Just Imagine a bolus of Energy moving up from your Heart, and moving a foot or two above your Head.  You might Feel a little dizzy, so you may want to sit down.  Pick up a pen with your non-dominant hand, and without Judgment or Effort, write “hello!”  It’ll probably look like a Child wrote it – which is more True than you Imagine.

There are a couple of dominating features in the Equinox chart…

  • While the Golden Rectangle (Big Grace about Recovering our Lost Genius) is weakening as an indicator of the flavor of the Present Moment, it’s still very strong as an indicator of the flavor of the Projects you’re Creating, especially your own Rebirth.
  • The Klotho-Sedna Yin Gate (Building a New Timeline or Ego Based on a New Relationship to Fear) is still very much in effect.
  • The Moon (Manifestation) sits between Ixion (Our Forbidden Genius) and Saturn (The Most Important Thing) at the moment the Sun enters Aries, Emphasizing and Potentiating our Recovery.
  • Jupiter-Haumea (Expansive Rebirth) sit at the focus of a Septile Yod (Big Moment in Timing), with Ceres-Mnemosyne (Remembering what’s Sustainable) and Pallas-Chiron-Moira (Feeling that it’s a Fateful Time to Radically Change our Relationship to Pain) as the base.

Can you see the Relationship between these astrological features and Daniel’s Channeling?

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