Cutting the Cloth VI

As you purposely start to Change your Limiting Beliefs, don’t forget to Change the Subject and then Pay Attention.  For instance, suppose you “Imagined what it would be like if Everyone Shared All of the Money.”  And then you somehow got yourself not to think about Money for two days (ie, successfully Changed the Subject).  Then you remembered that you PIAVAed a couple of days ago, so you checked to see what if anything happened in the intervening two days (ie, Paid Attention).

Well, you probably didn’t win the lottery or declare bankruptcy, or you wouldn’t have been able to keep the Subject Changed.  But you might have gone to buy something and discovered that it was on sale (an actual “Sharing”), or that the price had unexpectedly gone up quite a bit (not so much Sharing).  How did you Feel about it?  The price change and your Feelings would have given you a hint that you were on the right track, or that you needed to do more work Letting Go.  

If nothing of the sort happened?  Then you have to look for anything unusual that might have occurred.  Did your sister call unexpectedly?  What’s her attitude toward Money, and how effortlessly does she Manifest it?  How do you Feel about that?  Did you get the same Programming around Money, but Reacted differently to it?  Were there changes in your family’s fortunes between the times when you were in high school?  These may be clues to the anchors behind your Scarcity.

Maybe your personal Life was routine but you were impressed by a news report about new technologies in your field.  Were you excited by that, initiating an effort to get involved?  Or enervated by it because you don’t Feel like you have Enough Time to get everything done as it is, let alone Learn new things?  Disappointed or Jealous because a rival firm was introducing them?  Dismissive because you saw it as nothing more than a marketing ploy?  

Judgments are often great clues to what the Universe said back to you after you Asked it to Share more.  All PIAVAs and Meditations are Answered.  It’s just that sometimes what’s being Answered is the Energy in your real Unconscious Limitations rather than the Energy in your Conscious Request.  That’s what makes PIAVA such a Powerful tool – if you’re Listening to hear the Feedback.  

Often it’s a “funhouse mirror” – you can’t figure out what the Universe said, or even if it said anything!  In those cases you may need to PIAVA Clarity.  Or you may have PIAVed too many Requests in too short a time span, and you can’t tell which Feedback applies to which Request.

A Powerful exercise is to Imagine Abundance without Money.  It’s not easy to do, without imagining ourselves Living in a “primitive” Tropical Paradise.  Or Living in a Village where everyone’s needs are met by barter with your peers, and everyone is a peer to at least some degree.  Or where it’s culturally Shameful to be Wealthy rather than culturally Shameful to be Poor.  In some cultures Living by Begging is a Revered Spiritual Tradition.  How would you Feel about doing that?

At any rate, Congratulations on your Rebirth, and may Blessings line your Path Abundantly!

Michael Roads’s Perspective (“365 steps to a happier more conscious life” email, )…

Poverty and starvation are extreme physical manifestations of self-denial. “Abundance and wellbeing are physical manifestations of self-acceptance.

“We each create our own reality.  Many people know the words, but few really comprehend what it truly means.  If you live within a continuous reality of self-denial, seeing self as something less than worthy, as insignificant, then this too must have its own eventual manifestation.  Of course, this is over many lifetimes of your life-movie.  If you accept that self/Self is a manifestation of God, that you are a divine expression of God – not separate – and you live in a manner that honours this reality, then abundance and wellbeing will characterise your life.  Yes . . . it is also about . . . choosing Love!”

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