Cutting the Cloth IV

Hoo!  Spaced Out!  Confusion Reigns here this morning!  Feels like my eyeballs are rolling around in their sockets.  The CafFiend doesn’t help, Napping doesn’t help, just gonna hafta Celebrate it!  If it’s visiting your house too, I hope you don’t try to Fix it or find Excuses for it – our Rebirth is plenty of “Excuse.”  Ahhh, Celebrating it “Fixes” it, makes me Feel a little more Grounded.

What’s happening in the Klotho-Station chart from early today?  

Rebirth of course!  Even the UK and Scotland have been Reborn today, and probably the Netherlands tomorrow.  The Big Deal is the Klotho-Sedna Yin Gate.  A Yin Gate is a rare occurrence where three planets are one sign apart, and each is Opposite another planet.  In a Yin Gate we’re Challenged to Accept Pardoxical Relationships between the Energies represented by the planets involved, particularly between the two planets in the middle – here, Klotho and Sedna.  

So we’re Challenged to Revise our Fixed Beliefs to Allow new ways for the Energies of Rebirth (Klotho) and Abandonment/Fear/Anger (Sedna) to Integrate with one another.  You can hear this in the Dance between Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May at…

In the Sedna story, Sturgeon plays the role of the Abandoned daughter, May the role of the Abandoning father, and the EU plays the role of the tormenting Shaman/Monster.  Klotho doesn’t symbolize Rebirth per se, but the Construction of the Foundations for a Lifetime or Timeline – the Cloth from which the Tapestry of a Timeline is stitched.  It’s Haumea that symbolizes Rebirth per se, and Haumea, along with Amplifier Jupiter, occupies one corner of the Golden Rectangle that encloses the Yin Gate.  

So as of today, with Klotho’s Station in the Yin Gatealea iacta est – the Die is Cast – as Caesar famously said as he led his army across the Rubicon into Rome, initiating Civil War.  

Of interest in the Klotho chart, likely indicating the nature of the coming Civil Wars we’ee likely to encounter personally and collectively, are two T-Squares.  A T-Square is three planets, two of which are three Signs apart.  A T-Square represents Mastery through Challenge – what we’re about to Learn through potentially difficult Experiences.

The first T-Square deals with the Longevity of our Timeline and the Robustness of the New Identity we’ve Forged.  On the Personal level this Longevity and Robustness depends on our Self-Sovereignty, our Determination to Trust the Decisions that have Designed our Tapestry, and our Relentlessness in its Defense – and our Willingness to Stare Down our own Guilt over disobeying our Programming.  Our steadfast Allies in this Effort include our Self-Love and Self-Trust, and the Self-Honesty and Unique-Genius Recovery we’ve Achieved over the last five years.

 Asteroid Lachesis (the Length of a Timeline) T-Squares the Klotho-Sedna Opposition at 26 Aquarius, Testing a car’s Battery.  Sappho (Self-Love) has moved into Conjunction with Lilith (Self-Sovereignty).  The T-Square is Trine-Bridged by the Sun-Pallas-Chiron-Moira Stellium we addressed under the Cutting the Cloth Big Blessing Full Moon.  There’s a sense that we’re trapped in a Greek Drama here, but Liberation from your Karmic Archetypes will allow you to step outside of the Drama and watch it from the audience – thus maintaining your Sovereignty, Determination, and Relentlessness.  Lachesis is also Sextile to both Uranus-Eris (Yintegrity) and Saturn-Ixion (Recovering our Forbidden Genius).  

The second T-Square involves our Willingness to Embrace the Ego Deaths necessary to Allow Life Changes of the degree we’ve been Designing.  We don’t really have a Choice, the Ego Deaths will continue to be upon us, but how readily we Recognize, Acknowledge, and Accept them will determine how Painful out Path becomes, as our Unconscious Beliefs are Reorganized to accommodate our Growth and Rebirth.

The Jupiter-Haumea (Expansive Rebirth) corner of the Golden Rectangle has become the focus of a T-Square across the Opposition between Pluto-Nemesis (“Mandatory” Ego Death) and Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs).  Pluto represents the Mandatory in the sense that its Energy can be Directed and Transformed, but not Avoided.  This T-Square is also a Diamond Star (a T-Square rendered Easier), however, as Jupiter-Haumea is also the focus of a Finger of God based on the Sextile between the Sun-Pallas-Chiron-Moira Stellium and Sedna.

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