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Let’s start with some Wisdom Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele at…

We wish to speak of alignment.  The energy you align with, you manifest.  Alignment means becoming one with the energy of some person, idea, belief system etc., allowing it to be yours–temporarily or permanently.  Many of you may be finding that you are having more accidents, little mishaps, and irritating experiences.  This is because  planetary and personal energy has  become very intense, resulting in the  instantaneous manifestation of whatever you are in alignment with. 

“It is important from now on to align only with your highest truth.  When you remain aligned with three dimensional concepts and beliefs, no matter how irrelevant they may seem, it is what you will quickly manifest because there is no unexpressed consciousness.  Likewise, where there is alignment with truth (harmony, completeness, love etc.), forms that reflect this manifest.
Begin to use ordinary experiences  as reminders–’What belief am I in alignment with that has manifested as…?   Am I aligned with current and popular concepts of duality and separation or am I in alignment with truth?’  The days of thinking about, studying, and discussing truth while continuing to live out from the old belief system, are finished for any serious student of truth.”
You are powerful because you are made of the very substance of the Divine.  When you are in alignment with this fact, you will begin to see it manifest in every aspect of your lives.  This does not mean that everything suddenly becomes rosy and there are no more problems.  In fact, your conscious realization of completeness may very well  manifest as something you have long feared to look at but which desperately needs to be cleared.

Once Marilyn Channels another message, this one will move to her Archives.  You can find a permanent copy of this message at…

We recommend the remainder of Marilyn’s Channeling.

We’ve been speaking of the “Now” portion of the we March Full Moon chart, the three-Degrees-of-Sensitivity part that applies to this week and the next several.  Now let’s look at the “Project” portion of it, the six-Degrees-of-Sensitivity part that applies to any New Projects we’re Beginning now, including the Rebirth we’re Engaged in right now, as the asteroid Klotho is Stationary.  Stationary means Strong, and Klotho means the Cloth out of which we’re cutting the Patterns for a new Timeline.

What do we mean by a new Timeline?  Most folks who Strive for Liberation have natal charts suggesting that they will Live multiple “Lifetimes” within their current Physical Vehicle – that is, they will Molt several to many times, Allowing themselves to be Transformed into someone entirely New.  Not that they won’t Recognize their various selves, because on some level they Understand that they are All One.  The Transition from one of these “Lifetimes” to the next is an Ego Death.  

We Experience an Ego Death differently depending on our Willingness to be familiar with the process.  It can Feel anywhere from a “Dark Night of the Soul” to a “Oh Wow, I Feel Confusion!  That means I’m Changing!  Yippee!”  We’ve mentioned Starhawk’s book Truth or Dare as an excellent guide to the Goddess Inanna’s Ego Death, which we can easily relate to the current Retrogradation of Venus (see “March IV,” starting at

It’s the space between Ego Deaths that we call a “Timeline.”  A Timeline can also be a Physical Lifetime or a Walk-In, but once we…

“Begin to use ordinary experiences  as reminders–’What belief am I in alignment with that has manifested as…?   Am I aligned with current and popular concepts of duality and separation or am I in alignment with truth?’ “

we Discover that we don’t need all that Drama and Disruption.  

We talked about Klotho’s 14 March (4am PDT) Station in “Cutting the Cloth,”

With all that background, I don’t think we need to dissect the New-Project portion of the New-Moon chart; let’s skip straight to the Bottom Line.

In the previous post (“IIIc”) we talked about how important Breaking Patterns is, as it can grant us Freedom from Bondage to an Archetype or Addiction.  Breaking Patterns is what the Twelfth Harmonic is all about, and in the “New-Projects” portion of the Full Moon chart we find eleven planets that are one-twelfth of the way ’round the astroloop from their mates.  One twelfth of the way ’round the Zodiac is called an “Unx,” and when twelve planets are thus, we have a Grand Unx.

Nothing quite like a Grand Unx for Breaking Patterns in a big way.  With only eleven planets, we have an Almost-Grand-Unx, a Grand Unx with a hole in it.  The hole is called a “Vacancy,” and the Vacancy becomes the Most Important Point in the imputed Grand Unx.  The Universe provides the other eleven points; we have to Consciously provide the Energy that the twelfth point would contribute.  

We interpret the quality of this Energy from the Degree of the Vacancy, which in this case is 24 Leo, which means that in order to Break Through the prison of Archetypes and obsolete Habits and Beliefs that enchains us, we want to be “totally concentrated upon inner spiritual attainment,” even to the extent of sitting in our own poo.  Like the Tibetan Buddhist Initiates who meditate while sitting on a corpse as it decomposes.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Like Michael Roads said in “II” (, ““Where you focus, energy flows.  So… obviously the last thing you should do is maintain a focus on that problem.  Problems feed on energy, the same as we do.  If you refuse to feed the problematic behaviour with energy, it dwindles and fades.”  In other words, just PIAVA the Freedom and Grace that you’d rather have in your Life.

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