Big Blessing Full Moon – Cutting the Cloth IIIc

I hope “IIIb” was as valuable to you as it was to me.  

Here’s some relevant Grace as we’re Building a New Timeline based on Self-Love, from today’s Michael Roads’s “365 steps to a happier more conscious life” email (…

Self-appreciation reinforces the foundation of self.
Self-criticism reduces the foundation of self.
“Self-criticism is incredibly common.  Much of the two to three hundred words a minute of everyday thinking is a subconscious criticism of yourself.  Adverse comparing, judging, criticising, all this severely reduces the very foundation on which you build your life.  By contrast, self-appreciation both reinforces and strengthens the foundation of your life.  Why then, is this so rare?  As far as is practically possible, I recommend that you avoid all those people who regularly criticise other people, politicians, and world situations, and mix with the people who look for the best in other people and in life for what they can most appreciate.  Look for those rare and beautiful people who . . . choose Love!”
 The Big Grace in the Full Moon chart (both the Now portion and the New-Projects portion) is a Grand Trine, which itself symbolizes what we call “Dumb-Luck” Grace.  A natal Grand Trine is so beneficent that until we get old or mature enough to Realize that Everyone has their own Unique blend of Skills, we tend to think that others must be pretty dull to not be able to Manifest what our Grand Trine enables us to Manifest so Effortlessly.    

The Essence of this particular Grand Trine is Effortless Rebirth into Long-Lasting Limitlessness.  That’s pretty darn handy, given the background circumstances we’ve been discussing.  Plus, it comes with extra bonuses.  For one, it accelerates our Ascent into Self-Truth and Yintegrity.  For another, it will ameliorate our Discomfort with Limitlessness, that we discussed as a Big Challenge in “IIIa” (aka

The Grand Trine connects Jupiter-Haumea (Expansive Rebirt) with Atropos-Chaos (Ending of Limitation) and Lachesis (the Length of a Timeline, Lifetime, or Ego-Life).  Uranus-Eris (Revelation of our Soul’s Truth), Opposing Jupiter-Haumea as it does, forms the top of the Kite.  In addition, one corner of the Grand Trine (and shoulder of the Kite) is also the Focus of the Full-Moon T-Square that we talked about in “IIIa.”  The Grand Trine and Kite will thus provide plenty of Grace to allow us to meet the Challenge of the T-Square very Easily.

As it always does, the Curiosity element deserves a mention.  Remember that we aren’t talking about Intellectual Curiosity, we’re talking about Wonder and Awe, the kind we Experienced as Kids Encountering Unexpected Phenomena.  If we regard Curiosity as a Problem to be Solved or an Issue to be Resolved, we Lose – we fall back into Duality and give up our ticket to the higher Dimensions.  If you’re an addicted left-brain thinker and a FixItaholic, you may need to resort to PIAVAing Ongoing Curiosity.  Don’t Forget to Change the Subject and Pay Attention so the Universe can Teach you how to Transcend the Limitations of Dualism.

We pay more Attention when several planets team up for form a “Configuration” – planets that are a specific fraction of the Zodiac (a Harmonic) from one another.  For instance, a Grand Trine is composed of three planets that are each one-third of the way ’round the loop from its mates.  The Magic fraction for Curiosity is five-twelfths.  Five represents Learning, and twelve symbolizes Pattern-Breaking.  Learning to Break a Pattern allows us to Divorce an Archetype that’s been Controlling our Life, or Let Go of our Grasp on our Karma.  

But we can’t do that when we’re stuck in Duality.  The route to Freedom is paved with Non-Judgment.  True Curiosity is in bed with Love, as they both reject Judgment – in fact, you can tell when a Relationship begins to Die, when Judgment begins replaces Curiosity.  Even Positive Judgment, as it Limits the Freedom of the one being Judged.  The Curiosity which Inspires the Intellect Aspires to Judgment, to Either/Or.  We need to move into Both/And.  True Curiosity has the Power to levitate us.

The most prominent Curiosity Configuration is called a “Finger of God” because it very clearly says to us, “Pay Attention” to the planet it points to.  There are two Fingers of God in “Now” the Full Moon chart.  One tells us to Pay Attention to our Rebirth!  The roots of this Finger of God lie in Fear and Despair – the clear message is to Respond to either of these Emotions with PIAVAs about Who You Want to Become.

The second Finger of God points to the Moon, with its roots in Yintegrity and Impermanence.  We need to look at the Esoteric Meanings of the Moon.  Start with Instinct – the Moon provides seemingly “random” Emotional Reactions that hide Instincts.  Detecting and Following our Instincts is even more important than Detecting and Following our Intuition.  They are designed to keep us Safe, on a level deeper than Ego.  Our Instincts will tell us when our Olde Ego is in danger of failing at its task of keeping us Safe, and that we need to Transcend it.

Lunar Energy is the glue that keeps Matter from dissolving back into Energy.  At the bottom line it’s Lunar Energy that we use to Manifest What We Want.  Or What We Don’t Want if we don’t have Conscious Control of our thoughts and Love for All of our Emotions.  What is Manifest can and will Demanifest, as Entropy assures us.  However, if it’s Aligned with our True Self, then we Manifest it with No Effort, so it Endures as long as we do – and on the Soul Level we Endure forever.  So it’s only our Soul’s Growth that can Demanifest what is Truly Ours.

Now, What we can Create from the Ego depend on how Aligned our Ego is with our Soul.  This is why we’ve been working the last five years to Let Go of the Masks we’ve been Hiding behind all our Life, work that has accelerated greatly in the last year as Eris has Joined Uranus.  Alignment between Ego and Soul is the first Measure of whether we Create What We Want or not.

The intermediary between Soul and Ego is the Unconscious.  The Ego actually serves the Unconscious, because the Ego can’t do its job of keeping us Safe if our Unconscious Beliefs don’t align with the “Real” World.  Our Unconscious Programming keeps us Safe from the Dangers that our Programmers Feared would afflict us.  Not only does that not Protect us from other Dangers, but Programming by nature becomes Archetypes, and Archetypes Limit us, preventing us from Changing and Adapting when we need to.  

No Blame – our Programmers Believed the World was Limited and Unchanging, so they probably “did the best they knew how.”  Now its Time to Transcend all that.  This Full Moon provides Portals with coatrooms where we can leave our Archetypes behind as we enter.  This Energy will Endure for several weeks in the Now, and potentially Forever in the Projects we Begin Now.  The closer our Conscious and Unconscious PIAVAs are to our True Self, the longer they’ll Endure.

Thoughts and Emotions aren’t indelible.  They can be Reverted, Cancel-Neutralize-Upgraded, and Poor-Sweethearted.  Stay Alert.  “Damn it!” is a PIAVA, and all PIAVAs are answered.  While the Ego serves the Unconscious, the Unconscious serves our Thoughts and Emotions.  This Instant Feedback gives us the Vicious, Viscous, and Virtuous Vortices we’re so familiar with.  We’re In Charge of the whole process, but We need to be the One to Consciously Take Responsibility.

Remembering that Responsibility is very different from Blame – Blame looks to the Past to Assign Cause (aka Judgment), while Responsibility looks to the Future to Improve Outcomes (aka Creation).  Michael Roads always finishes his great daily missives with “Choose Love.”  We should finish ours with “Choose True Curiosity”!


One Response to “Big Blessing Full Moon – Cutting the Cloth IIIc”

  1. desmene Says:

    All these (a, b, c) have been wonderful (“wonder”ful!) tools for expansion and hope. Lots of tapping going on here these days and that plus your posts have been a balm for my heart. Love “Portals with coat rooms…” (two days ago had an image while meditating of zipping up a garment bag full of old “suits”– great synchrony!) <3

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