Big Blessing Full Moon – Cutting the Cloth IIIa

As if we weren’t getting enough Gifts from the Universe – though our Ability to Receive may be a different story – the 12 March (8am PDT) Full Moon brings Great Blessings, particularly for any new project you’re Beginning.  A great example would be your New Identity we’ve been discussing, that’s being Born 13 March at the Station of Klotho.  

We need to split this in two – one reading for this weekend, next week, and a few weeks thereafter (“Now”), where we’ll use the three-Degree window of Sensitivity that’s appropriate for studying the Now, and a second reading that’s appropriate for new projects we’re Beginning, where we’ll use a six-Degree window.  Let’s start with the Now.

As many of you know, the “best” charts combine Grace and Motivation; one without the other can Feel Great (the Grace) or provide Great Growth (the Motivation, aka “Challenges”), but both together really propel us forward, because the two feed each other.  Then if we add Curiosity – and Respond to it non-intellectually – we’re really jet-propelled.  

The New-Beginning portion of the Full Moon chart has the best combination of Grace and Challenge, but the Now portion is no slouch either.  The Now portion gets its Motivation from a T-Square and a Stellium, and its Grace from a Kite and a Trine Bridge; two Fingers of God add the Curiosity.  The New-Beginnings portion is dynamite, but we’ll get to that later.

There are two major Challenges in the Full-Moon “Now” chart…

First, we know it’s Powerful to spend Quality Time with our Emotions.  Daniel says it well…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

Though some Emotions can really slog us down, especially if we spiral down into a viscous cycle of bad Feelings triggering bad Thoughts reinforcing bad Feelings, ad infinitum.  We also know it’s Powerful to spend Quality Time with our Wants, especially if we can do that without getting bogged down in Desire and Fantasy; again, Daniel is right on…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

So our Challenge is where do we draw the line?  Can we do both?  How?  

Well, you know we recommend “Poor-Sweethearting” to pull ourself out of a downward Vortex.  We step outside of our Attachment to the Emotion, Recognize and name what we’re Feeling, and say to ourself, “You poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Despair, aren’t you.”  If you’re lucky, your Inner Sweetheart will talk to you about it, and you’ll gain a doorway into the Unconscious that can well serve you.  Meanwhile, “you” will have shifted from being Merged with Despair (or other Emotion) to being Merged with Compassion, and you can then just Change the Subject and get on with your day – Manifesting a Vibration for instance.

The Full-Moon Sun Conjoins Pallas (Boundaries), Chiron (Despair and Miracles), and Moira (Fate).

You may Hesitate to poor-Sweetheart yourself because you Feel like the particular Emotion you’re dealing with is part of your “Fate,” and that pulling your Attention away from it would constitute Self-Abandonment – which in some ways would be True.  However, Recognize that you don’t need to be completely Swallowed by this Emotion all of the time; you can always come back and Nurture it more later.  In fact, the Ability to move in and out of it at Will would be a tremendously Powerful Skill, wouldn’t it.

“Fate” is Fake News.  Since Fate and Free Will are a Duality, we know they’re artifacts of the Mind, not properties of Reality.  We know that because we know Reality is Unitary and Multifarious, not Dual.  How do we move from Fate to Free Will, if it’s a Duality?  We just make a Decision.  “For the next hour, I Intend to exercise my Free Will.  Then for the following hour, I’ll go back to my Fate.”  That’s what Duality is all about – heads or tails, right hand or left hand, yes or no.  We want Both/And, not Either/Or.

The second major Challenge in the Full Moon is Limitlessness.  Limitlessness is Scary.  Limits are what keep us Safe.  That’s what Egos do for a Living, they define our Limits.  Beyond that, There Be Dragons.  Unfortunately for our Olde Ego – and for our Unborn but Imminent New Ego fortunately – some of our Limits have outlived their usefulness.  Yes, we’ll need to Grieve their demise, that’s a big part of what Ego Death is all about.  But Yes, we do need to Let them Go.  Gratitude for their Service to us is probably our most Powerful Perspective.

The Full Moon is T-Squared by the Conjunction of asteroid Atropos (Endings) and dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential).  While Atropos and Chaos are over five Degrees apart, they’re both well within three Degrees of the span of the Sun-Pallas-Chiron-Moira Stellium.

Those are the “Now” Challenges; remember that Challenges are the path to Mastery.  What about the Grace and Curiosity?  Will I make you wait for the Grace and Curiosity?  I’ll continue later today, but for now I have important errands.  I can give you hints…

Probably the most important part of the Now portion of the Full-Moon chart is our Big Rebirth and our Yintegrity.  Just Imagine turning yourself Inside-Out, like Superperson pulling off their Cherie Kent disguise in that phone booth (does anybody remember phone booths?), so you’re Vulnerable on the Outside, but completely Protected on the Inside.  That’s a good quick metaphor that’s totally valid here.

The other good thing to remember is that Fear Plus Breathing Equals Excitement.  You can also Poor-Sweetheart Fear.  If Anger arises, Ask yourself, “What am I Afraid of?”  Anger is a valid Emotional Response to Fear.  If I’m Afraid I won’t be able to Defend myself, for instance, I can Breathe into that Fear, and then Manifest the Vibration (as Dan taught us, above) of Absolute Safety.  We’ll talk a lot more about these things later today.

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