Fear and Anger

The strongest part of the “Transiting” (in the Sky Now) chart these days is a Yin Gate featuring an Opposition between dwarf planet Sedna (Fear and Anger) and asteroid Klotho (the Fabric from which a Lifetime – or Ego-Timeline – is Fabricated).  For most folks reading this, Klotho – from which our word cloth derives – represents what follows an Ego Death more than what follows a Walk-In or a new Incarnation.  

While asteroids Aletheia (Truth) and Sappho (Self-Love) continue to Oppose one another, they’ve moved away from their Conjunctions with Sedna and Klotho (respectively), and therefore moved out of the Yin Gate or Mystery School.  A Yin Gate is always embedded in a Golden Rectangle (Much Grace), and our current Forbidden-Genius / Yintegrity  / Rebirth / End-of-Limitations Golden Rectangle remains (that’s Saturn-Ixion / Uranus-Eris / Jupiter-Haumea / Atropos-Chaos).

While Sappho joined Klotho and Aletheia joined Sedna last month, we were dealing with Creating a new Lifeline based on Self-Love by Embracing the Truth of our Fear and Anger.  Klotho-Sedna is a bit different, excluding both the Self-Love and the Truth.  I can’t think of a better metaphor for Klotho-Sedna than today’s big Fake-News Blame-Game Drama over which Who-Did-What Story is more Shameful than its rivals.  A certain rookie US politician attempts to make a new State founded on Anger and Fear, challenging the Planet’s People (and not just Human People) to create the same.

Fortunately, we know better, because forewarned, we’ve already created our own next Timeline founded in Self-Love.  Here are a few gems from Michael Roads’s new book From Illusion to Enlightenment (pp.61-64)…

“When you deny fear the right to control your life, you will learn what a toothless tiger it really is…  And once you begin to do this, fear will gradually lose its grip on you and your life will change for the better.  Fear lives in the shadows of your life, snarling and threatening you into a state of terror.  Once you create the courage within yourself to shine a light into the shadows, it is fear that will skulk away, tail tucked within its legs.  

“The only power fear has over you is the power you give it.  How do we do this?  By creating a powerful, negatively imagined scenario of the situation or person that threatens us… in this way we create and maintain fear.  We can just as easily reverse this, by powerfully imagining a positive outcome to the situation or person.  We are the creator!  Do you get it?  We – you and I – are the creators of our life.”

I woke up yesterday in Physical Fear.  Thirty-five years ago I took a short version of the Meyers-Briggs test (Please Understand Me, David Kelsey and Marilyn Bates), and discovered that there were two of me – an INTP for public consumption (which my father insisted upon), and an INFP for internal use only.  Ever since, I’ve been working to Recover my Feelings.  Later, in seminars on Intuition, Aikido, and Vipassana, I learned to extend Recovery into Physical Sensation.  So I have longstanding Habits of Surrendering into what’s Happening in my Body.

Yesterday morning, after reading this chapter of From Illusion to Enlightenment the previous evening, I decided not to Tap or otherwise work with the Fear.  In a few minutes it dissolved.  

“The left-brain is about survival, competition, aggression, and fighting … along with other qualities such as intellect.  Basically, it has all the survival characteristics that we need.  There was once a time when survival was of paramount importance, but that time passed long ago.  We are immortal Beings, so I ask you, how rational is this fear to survive?”

“My metaphysical investigation indicates that under certain degrees of stress, the left-brain produces an energy that is composed of minute degrees of hormone and bio-chemical secretions, while also composed of metaphysical energy of very low frequency.  This alchemical brew has a startling effect on the body/mind.  We name it … fear.  Every cell becomes more acidic, more rigid, less efficient, and more vulnerable to disease.”

As Michael always says, “Choose Love.”

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