March II – Neptune

At 7pm PST on 1 March Neptune Initiates the Sun – which as you may know is already in Pisces – in 12 Pisces, which Degree is about being “tested” as we enter a new phase of our Spiritual Evolution.  Marilyn Raffaele explains this in her Channeling of the Arcturians at .  Since Marilyn’s “newest” will change after she enters a new post, we’ll send you to a copy that hopefully won’t change, at…

Marilyn or the Arcturians may actually do this on purpose, so you aren’t reading what’s no longer current and relevant.  We see our purpose here as Interpretation rather than Prediction, and a big part of Interpretation is Reinterpretation of our Life Events, so this website Intends to allow you to correlate your Journals and Memories with what was going on in the Sky at the time.  So, for what it’s worth, we prefer a link to a post that won’t Change as the Landscape Changes.

Marilyn’s Channeled picture of Doubt is different from the Expansiveness we suggested in the previous March I post, but equally probable, maybe more so for many people.  Astrology is after all Both/And when you take the Unconscious into account; it tells us Dimension (if we’re lucky enough to find a keyword that Communicates) but not Direction.  So yes, a Chaos Station can Feel incredibly Expanding or, if that’s too Scary and we shut down to Protect ourself, incredibly Contracting.

As for Neptune, the Strongest Lesson I’ve ever taken from it is that it Creates Confusion (aka Doubt) when we’re looking through Material Eyes, and Clarity (aka, at the moment, Expansiveness – not to disparage Contraction when it’s more appropriate) when we’re looking through Spiritual Eyes.

Remember that Confusion is “just” the first stage of Growth in Consciousness (aka Spiritual Evolution).  It means a glitch in our Set of Beliefs about how the World and our Lives are Limited – aka a tear the “Veil.”  So Confusion is always a sign of imminent Expansion, unless we Resist and try to ambush our Confusion with mindstuff.  

We’ll qualify the times when our Spiritual Expansion involves Learning about the places where we’ve been Programmed to Give our Power Away, because in those situations we Expand Spiritually by Contracting Politically – ie, Setting Better Boundaries.

Think of Confusion as a legitimate Emotion, and Accept it as is, without trying to change or “fix” it.  Like any Emotion, if you do that, it won’t last long.  Pretty soon you’ll be flooded with Insights, most of which probably won’t even seem Related to what your Confused about, and Excitement is likely to follow, especially if you’re Breathing.


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