March I

As we move into March, our Grace-Full Unique-Genius-Recovery and Rebirth-into-Yintegrity Golden Rectangle Configuration remains strong.  As the month wears on the planets separate a bit from our three-Degree limit (though all month we can still chain them together), but remember that for any project we’re beginning, including a Persona we’re Birthing or Rebirthing – which is exactly what we’re doing – windows of six to eight or even ten Degrees are more appropriate.

At the beginning of March the eight planets (two on each corner of the Golden Rectangle) span 21-27 Degrees, but we can chain them together easily: [21,23,23,23,25,25,26,27].  By the end of March the span stretches to 20-30, but chaining is still possible: [20,21,24,24,24,27,28,30].

Daniel Scranton’s Arcturian message for today has some good suggestions for our Unique-Genius Recovery…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

Our Rebirth-into-Self-Love Yin Gate doesn’t stay quite so coherent, as…

  • Sappho (Self-Love) gradually separates from Klotho (Cutting the Cloth of a New Timeline/Persona) and
  • Aletheia (Truth) gradually separates from Sedna (Becoming Conscious of our Fear and Anger).  

Klotho and Sedna (A New Timeline based on Becoming Conscious of our Fear and Anger) stay well within the Yin Gate window, while Sappho and Aletheia (The Truth of Self-Love) move away, though they move away in tandem.  Our three-Degree Sensitivity window fades by 6 March, and an eight-Degree window by 24 March.

On March 1, all four are within four Degrees of each other – [26,27,29,30], but by the end of the month we’re looking at [26,26] for the Klotho-Sedna Opposition, but [31.37] (or [1,7]) for the Sappho-Aletheia Opposition.

We start March with dwarf planet Chaos (Limitlessness) Stationary (Strong) – you can already Feel that if you look for it, maybe without even doing that.  Brenda Hoffman describes the Feeling…

The exact Station occurs at 7am PST 2 March.  Once we’re past that Threshold we could feel a Letdown.  Don’t Believe it.  The only difference is that the Universe won’t be holding you up by the nape any more so you’ll have to use your own Wings.  Don’t waste any time drying them out.  It’s your Life – do you really want to waste it in Bummers, or would you rather Recover that Feeling of Expansion, and Intend to Keep it.  Take good notes 28 February and 1 March, so the Grace will be Easier for you to Remember.

There are six other Stations during March, starting at the Ides, but mostly during the fourth and fifth weeks.  More on that later.

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