Intention and Mechanism

Dynamic Creativity works when we manage to Figure out What We Want to Create, Decide that it’s Doable, Figure out How to Create It, and then Execute that Mechanism.

Magnetic Creativity works when we Ask Ourself What We Want to Create, Listen for an Answer, and Focus on our Intention to Create It.

Of course both are Iterative processes.  As we Execute our Dynamic How-to Mechanism we’ll be Learning, and as we Learn we’ll improve our Mechanism.  And as we Iterate our Magnetic Intention we’ll also be Learning, by Changing the Subject and Paying Attention many times, as we’ve detailed many times… .

Here’s an additional Perspective on Intention, with Daniel Scranton now Channeling the Pleiadian High Council of Seven rather than the Arcturians…∞the-pleiadian-high-council-of-seven/

“It is a matter of frequency.  It is a placing of attention upon a particular frequency that is the answer to most questions.  That is your journey now.  This is an energetic journey through frequency states, you see.  Everything else that plays out in your reality is a reflection of the frequency that you hold.  It really is not any more complicated than that.  Therefore, give more of your attention to the frequency that you are holding.

“How do you that, you might wonder.  Well, the more in tune you are with your feeling state, the easier it is for you then to measure the frequency that you are holding.  The higher frequencies feel better in your physical bodies than the lower ones, and there is no reason for you to fear or judge the lower frequency states.  There is no reason for you to judge yourselves for having activated those lower frequency states.  That is the first place for you to start.

“Let go of any notion that you have that a frequency you are holding is somehow inappropriate, that you should fear it, or that you should feel bad about yourself for accessing it.  It’s just there to be experienced and also to give you a point of relativity.  You cannot really know that you have moved from a lower frequency to a higher frequency without first becoming aware of the lower frequency and what it feels like in your body.

“So start by celebrating that you are aware of the frequency that you are holding.  And if you are holding a higher frequency, then simply amplify it, ride the wave of it, enjoy the feeling to the greatest extent possible.  Let go of your desires to understand where the frequencies come from, how you got to where you are, and just embrace it all.

“Activating a frequency is as easy as modifying your breath.  You know that when you pay attention to your breathing, you can shift how deeply, how slowly or quickly you are breathing, and the same is true of your frequency state.  If you put your attention on it, with the intention of raising it, it does not have to be more complicated than modifying your breath.  In fact, you could say that the two go hand-in-hand.

“So utilize your breath and your ability to consciously breathe in order to tune yourself to your frequency state, in order to amplify your frequency state, and in order to enjoy those higher frequency states to the greatest extent possible.  And then, it is our recommendation that you do not look around your world for immediate results.

Instead, continue to enjoy your ability to modify your frequency, because in doing so you change the way you feel.  And then the reality around you doesn’t have to change in order for you to feel good.”

But the Reality around you does Change anyway.  If you peek to see if it did, be very Mindful that any Disappointment you Encounter about how it hasn’t Changed enough is an invitation to be Loving with your Disappointment and move your Frequency the next step forward.  Michael Roads,

in an email, concurs…

The reality you are in is the reality you have created.  If you like it, congratulations, if you do not, then I suggest you change it.  How?  By changing the content and focus of your thoughts.

Illusion is looking at life as good or bad, right or wrong.  Nothing is good or bad, right or wrong; the way you think makes it so!  Remember that you live what you create.  Your thoughts need to be your creative power in conscious action.

Pay attention to what it is that you do want in life, not to what you do not want.  Focus on what is enjoyable in your life, not on what makes you miserable.  Continually entertain the thoughts that allow you to feel uplifted and happy.  

Think Love, and consciously . . . choose Love!

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