Karmic Ring of Fire Bearing Gifts

As we described in our Karmic Ring of Fire post ( https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2017/02/23/karmic-ring-of-fire/ ), the 26 February Annular Solar Eclipse is the Heart of a very complex Knot of planets, the primary Focus of which is Breaking Free of our Karmic Limitations.  If you look, you’ll discover that you can Break Patterns here, that you’ve been trying and failing to Break your whole Life.  It will be particularly Easy to Ground Self-Sabotaging Emotional Patterns.  Once Grounded, it will be much Easier for you to step out of your Identity with them, look back, and “Poor-Sweetheart” your former Minor Self that used to get caught in their Grasp.

The Eclipse Knot of planets also has other Foci as well, and they can help advise us on how to Break Free with less Sturm und Drang.

One of the other Foci suggests that a key will  be Respect for All Things.  Look to see if there’s Judgment behind any Bummers that arise.  You can’t just Decide to Forgive; it’s more complex than that, though the Intention to Forgive is useful.  The Intention to Accept is even more useful, and often easier.  Accepting without Forgiving can allow you to set Healthy Boundaries without poisoning yourself with Chronic Anger.  The Acceptance of What Is is the first, and Necessary, step toward Changing Your World.  And Changing Your World is the same as Changing The World.

Among other things, the Pisces New Moon and Eclipse is the head of a Kite – that is, it’s at the Midpoint between two corners of an Earth Grand Trine, making it the Focus of all of the Grace in the Grand Trine.  This will make Breaking Free of our Karmic Limitations much easier than it otherwise would be.  

The asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things) is the head of a second Kite.  Hopi is in Libra – Air or Mind, while its Grand Trine is in Fire – Spirit.  An excellent Opportunity to “clean up” our Thoughts – to Ask them to serve us as contributors to What We Want, rather than disserve us by dwelling on What We Don’t Want.  Daniel and the Arcturians even commented on this today…


A third Gift is the Power to Trust our Intuition.  It’s our Intuition that’s telling us which elements of our Obsessions are actually Healthy Keepers, and which elements we can jettison with little Effort.  There’s no such thing as Absolute Negativity – Negativity is defined only by its Context.  Even if our “Negative” Self-Sabotaging Habits kill us, when we look at the process from a multi-Lifetime Perspective, what a Learning Opportunity that is.  Parts of our Forbidden Genius are actually hiding somewhere in the Obsessions we’re Dancing with here, among the Healthy Keepers.

A third Kite focuses on Asbolus-Veritas (the Truth in our Intuition) in Gemini, also on the Fire Grand Trine (Angelic Intervention).  Asbolus-Veritas Opposes Antares (Obsession), Square to the Eclipse and its Opposition to Karma-Orcus (Breaking Karmic Bonds).  The combination of a Grand Cross (Motivation) and a Grand Trine is one of the Strongest indications you can get from astrology.

The fourth Gift is Ease at the normally-Challenging process of divesting Archetypes from our Identity.  The only thing Negative about an Archetype – which otherwise represents a consummate Skill – is that it robs us of Choice.  When we Detach from the Archetype, if we do it without Judgment, we retain the Skill but gain the Ability to use it when it’s most appropriate and use better Tools when they’re more appropriate, rather than having to use the Archetypal Tool all the time whether we’re screwing or stapling.  Sort of like trading our running shoes in for a car and a pair of running shoes.  Now we won’t have to go to parties all sweaty and run home in the Rain.

This one is a Hylonome-Juno (Consciously Letting Go of False Identities We’ve Merged with) Diamond Star.  A Diamond Star is a T-Square and a Finger of God with the same foci.  The feet of the Finger of Yod create a Bowl of Grace (Double Trine Bridges) under the T-Square, greatly Easing its Challenges.  Hylonome-Juno is also one corner of the Earth Grand Trine, further amplifying the beneficial effect.

Hylonome Initiates Juno at 2pm PST 28 February, in 8 Capricorn, Domesticated Birds singing happily in a Sun-lit home.  Since Hylonome represents Merging and Demerging with an Archetype (especially Codependence) and Juno symbolizes the Edges of Consciousness, the five-year Juno-Hylonome Cycle is about Getting Conscious of our Karmic Patterns.  The Archetypal Birds sing happily because the Light of Consciousness has Liberated them from the Slavery of rote Performance.

Notice the Repetition – when several astrological Patterns suggest the same things we can be assured that this is what the Universe is teaching us, unequivocally.  We don’t have a lot of Choice but to go along – and why would we want to Resist such Gifts!

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