Portal 22.2

There are several kinds of Lost Soul Segments available to us this week as we do the Work of Recovering our Lost Genius and Assembling a new Life founded on Self-Love and Our Own Truth rather than on Self-Rejection, our Fears, and our Limiting Beliefs.

(1) You’ll Experience one kind of these as a musty sort of ancient Despair, a Frustration from Attacking the Insurmountable to the point of Exhaustion too many times.  We’ve talked extensively about dealing with this sort of Lost Soul segments; see https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/category/planets-lights-and-other-hot-spots/chiron/ for details.

(2) Then there are the Death-of-the-Patriarchy Issues that have the Fake-News Media so atwitter.  Those could include some of your personal Abuse issues.  If they do, try working them as you would Despair – ie, (1) above.  If you’re new to Abuse issues and don’t have Resources, start with Ellen Bass and Laura Davis’s The Courage to Heal.

(3) Some of your Unconscious Fears will simply surface this week, where they’re available to the mind.  Working with those will be fairly straightforward; just remember to temper your Decisions, Promises, and Vows.  Rather than Swearing Never to do That again, Ask to do it a lot less often.  Mind is good at Asking Questions; it’s horrible at Controlling because the Unconscious is orders of magnitude more Powerful.  If you try to use it for Control you’ll just end up with more Limitations.

(4) We’re due for some Ego Death this week, as we Discover situations where we hadn’t Realized that our Values have reflected Prejudice.  We could experience this as Shame or Embarrassment, if we “get caught” at lacking Compassion, or Confusion if we don’t understand how others are reacting to us.  Be very Gentle and Forgiving with yourself and Open up to “Don’t Know.”  Then Change the Subject and let the Changes work their way through your Persona.

(5) Big not-optional Changes to your Unconscious Beliefs this week as you are Reborn into getting more Assertive about your Personal Truth.  This is probably worth a post of its own.  The important thing is to Remember that when someone else Asserts their Personal Truth assertively, it’s not a Challenge to your own Personal Truth.  If they get Aggressive about wanting to Choose Teams of Good Guys and Bad Guys (that is, define Enemies), like some folks in Politics like to do, excuse yourself.

This is actually a “Test” of your readiness for the Future, which will include people Clustering according to their Conceptualization of Reality.  What they Believe is none of your Business; your Business is what you Believe.  If they Crucify you, so be it.  It’s “just” part of the Planet “splitting in two.”

(6) But the Availability of this last sort of Lost segment of Self will be the Strongest this week.  

We want to be very Mindful to Attend Lovingly to any Unpleasant Emotions and Intrusive Thoughts this week, as they will be Gateways into Recovery of important segments of Self that have probably long been Lost.  Your Intuition is Keen here, but the layers of Obfuscation are likely to be very thick, so many of these Impressions may be subtle and short-lived.  If you can catch one, quickly jotting down a keyword or short phrase may help prevent it from slipping back into Oblivion.

The most Reliable and Effective process I’ve found for Investigating a Lost segment of Self (whether this sort or one of the other five) is to Locate it in your Body, if it’s in your Body.  If it’s not in your Body, start by Asking if it’s really Yours.  If it’s Yours, send a chord to it from your Heart.  It probably won’t be Living in Present Time.  If it is in your Body but it’s hard to identify a specific Location, pick a likely spot, or one of the spots that it inhabits.  Then put your hand on the spot.  Fear is Hard and Cold; Love is Soft and Warm.  Your hand will Warm the spot, while you imagine Softening it.

I find that these kinds of subtle Lost segments of the Self are not generally Traumatic to encounter.  The circumstances in which they Separated were probably Traumatic, but these cystic segments are usually Disassociated from Heavy Emotions.  What will be characteristic is a Feeling or Sensation.  Not exactly an Emotion.  When you read a book that transports you, the place you’re transported to has such a Feeling Sensation.  A museum or old bookstore that you’re not sure belongs in the current Century might also produce such a Feeling Sensation, or your memories of your Grandmother’s house, or a significant Dream.

These sorts of Feeling Sensations are what you seek, and what you want to Remember once you encounter them.  You may or may not get a picture or a voice with them, it will depend partly on the modality your Intuition usually works through.  But there will be at least one Cue to identify the Portal.  If you have Shamanic Training or Aptitude, you can Journey through the Gap and perhaps locate your Lost segment.  If you aren’t sure, you can just send Love into the Portal.  Imagine that you’re out playing, and Mom calls you to dinner, Lovingly.  You’re the Mom in that picture.

(1) Chiron T-Square on the Golden Rectangle Opposition between Chaos-Atropos and Saturn-Ixion.

(2) Lilith T-Square on the Nodal Axis (OR10 and Nessus on the South Node).

(3) Mercury T-Square on the Yin Gate Opposition between Sedna-Aletheia and Sappho-Klotho.

(4) Chariklo-Nemesis T-Square on the Opposition between Venus and Hopi.  Chariklo Initiates Nemesis at 1am 22 February.

(5) Moon-Pluto and Vesta make a Grand Cross with the Golden Rectangle Opposition between Jupiter-Haumea and Mars-Uranus-Eris.  Uranus Initiates Mars 26 February, and Mars Squares Pluto at 1am 22 February.  The Moon crosses Pluto at noon 22 February.

(6) Asbolus-Veritas T-Square on the Opposition between Neptune-Eclipse and Karma-Orcus.  Asbolus is Stationary turning Direct on 20 February.  The Eclipse is an “Annular” or “Ring-of-Fire” Solar Eclipse in 9 Pisces at 7am 26 February.

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