We’ve paid the most attention to the Saturn-Ixion (The Most Important Thing is to Recover Your Hidden Genius) corner of the Golden Rectangle that we’ve been working with for the last several months, because we’ve assumed it would be the most Challenging and the most Rewarding.  

However, there are three other corners as well!  One of them is Jupiter-Haumea (Expansive Rebirth).  Here’s a reader’s experience of this…

“My partner and I have had a nasty lingering cold for 10 days — sniffling, coughing, hawking up junk, weak as kittens — and last night I dreamt I was told I’d given birth to a girl and handed a birth certificate.  The name on the birth certificate was my name.  I seem to have given birth to myself last night.  I woke this morning feeling better, like I’d turned the corner.”

Daniel Scranton isn’t reading my mind, he’s reading what my mind would be saying if it was screwed on straight…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

“All of the doing in the world cannot compensate for a feeling within yourself.  Usually that feeling comes from experiences that have led you to believe that you’re not good enough, not worthy of receiving, and therefore you do.  In some cases you overdo it in an attempt to compensate for the feeling within you.

“And so, whatever it is that you could accomplish through action will only give you a fleeting sense of that worthiness.  You will only appreciate yourself for a few moments before you give yourself another task, and then you will operate under the belief that you are only as good as your last success, or your last good deed…

“We suggest that you build yourselves up energetically, that you focus on how much energy you can run through yourselves, how much love you can feel, how much appreciation you can have for what you already have accomplished.  And then let your actions come from all of that energy you are accessing.  Let your actions be a continuation of a feeling, rather than an attempt to overcome a feeling.

“We see so many of you hoping that your actions will be enough, and we would love to see more of you enjoying the actions that you take because they are actions that you genuinely want to take.  We would love to see more of you being authentic with yourselves about what it is you truly want to do.  And then in the following through with the action, you will undoubtedly summon more energy, more inspiration, and more of an ability to love and appreciate yourselves just as you are.”

I’ve been working to find and Embrace as many Survival Fears as I can, and I’ve found a few hiding like sewer monsters in the dark labyrinth beneath my intestines.  One time when I poor-Sweethearted myself about Fear, my Little Guy was there on the brink of the abyss, averring that he wasn’t scared at all, he was Confused.  Confused because there was no Love for him where there was supposed to be Support.  

That would have been after World War II.  Remember World War II ended exactly on a Neptune-Chiron Initiation (Reorganization of the Political Economy), like the one we had seven years ago this month, “Fresh Daisies in an Ancient Pottery Bowl,” about the end of the Industrial Age and the Economic Reorg that follows.  (Yes, Mr.T is trying to go backwards and it will fail utterly because the World Energy is going in an entirely different direction.  Whether he succeeds in his efforts at Mass Hypnosis is another story; that one’s up to us.)

This dream followed…

“It’s a feast day, and I’m in a restaurant.  They weren’t serving yet, they were preparing to.  There was actually no one there, just food, food everywhere, big piles of it, prepped and ready for serving or cooking.  I tried to walk through several rooms, and I couldn’t do it without stepping on food several times, there was so much of it.”

Abundance Galore.  To me this illustrates the Yin GateBuilding a New Timeline based in Self-Love by getting Honest about our Fear (Sappho-Klotho Opposing Aletheia-Sedna as the central axis of the Gate).

2 Responses to “Rebirth”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Really love this bit about taking actions based on FEELING GREAT about past achievements. So needed right now. Instead of feeling exhausted from the incredibly great acheivements I have made in the past few months, then thinking, i cant take the next minor but very important step, i just have to change how i am FEELING!
    be amazed at all i have done!!! then do more cause it feels great!!!!
    WOW! what a revelation! thank you! Thanks Daniel! Thanks Arcturians! :)

  2. Grandtrines Says:

    Reblogged this on Grandtrines .

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