The theme this morning seems to be Unworthiness.  The fact that “Unworthiness” seems to stand out more than “Worthiness” is telling.  Maybe that’s the common denominator for the many facets of our Disgraced Genius.  I mean, if we were Worthy, we’d be okay Striving for What we Need, wouldn’t we?  A Caution though; if you PIAVA Worthiness, be sure to also PIAVA “Lovingly, Gently, Rapidly, and Completely” as well!  And be prepared to Realize that if – or when – Worthlessness arises, it’s to be Celebrated as a Letting Go, not indulged as a Victim.

A collection of random good suggestions and radical viewpoints for this week…

From Daniel Scranton and the Arcturians at…


“When you are arranging your schedules and you are thinking about the time you have to complete certain tasks, you may wish to call upon the helpers that you have in order to lighten your load.  If you are willing to accept help from above, there is plenty of it to go around.  If you want to experience more ease in your life and less struggle, then we invite you to call upon the help that is already there…

“One of the ways to prove to yourself that you do have help is to build up that faith by asking for little miracles every day.  Ask for help with your daily routine, your mandatory activities, and see how easy it is to receive.  It is much easier for you to receive a small amount of help than it is for you to receive that answer to the prayer you’ve been asking for years and years.”

And also at…


Before you decide that you want to experience something, you often experience the opposite of it.  You often give yourselves one experience simply to nudge yourself into a certain direction.  It is possible for you to want something without having had the experience of its opposite, of course.  But when you give yourself the experience of the unwanted thing, condition, relationship, and so on, it spurs you on.  It ignites a flame underneath you.  It makes you want what you want even more…

What we see many of you doing, however, is feeling defeated before you even begin to create that which is wanted.  We see you psyching yourselves out.  You come up with a list of reasons why you cannot have that experience, and then you cling to that list.  We want you instead to realize that all of your creations exist within you.  So if you exist, then so must the experience that you want to have.

“As you make the creation of the experience less about what is necessary, about what is out there that needs to happen, and you make it more about feeling inside yourself for the experience, then you line up with it.  Then you are in harmony with that particular experience.  You put yourselves in alignment with something that ultimately you cannot avoid.”

A review of last week from a reader…

“The likely-impersonal and profound fear took the shape of a very old, personal fear for me, and one that I just had to ‘sit with’ – there was not much else I could do with it.  I just nodded at it, and we went about our business together.  Things got dark (I use vipassana and breathing for this, and they really help).  Then it went away entirely after the weekend.  Gone – since Monday or Tuesday I’ve felt positively buoyant.”

Some comments from Stephen Levine (Turning toward the Mystery, pp.92,97)…

“When I asked him how I could have this much love and still not be free, he said whatever I feared more than closing my heart would forever turn me away from my enlightenment.

“And the healing that never ends continued.  As I came to discover that the all-too-theatric imagery at the bottom of the underdream was, in fact, ‘nothing personal,’ just the repressed parts of millions of years of evolution in our frightening primal environment.

“When we meet with mercy and self-forgiveness rather than with continued suppression, all these aspects of ourselves, lovely and otherwise, we emerge a bit more born from this process.”

“In this opening of the mind to the heart one comes to understand that there are no heartless being, only heartless actions.  In just this same way there are no enlightened beings either, just enlightened actions.  Where there is someone to be enlightened, there is that same unwieldy someoneness to be ashamed…

“It took a while before forgiveness practices helped to resolve some of the personal grief of the long-conditioned, tightly-boundaried, generally-identified-with small mind, or what we call ‘my mind.’  So it took a labor of consciousness before the unconditional openness of Big Mind would be able to relate wholeheartedly to the confusion of little mind.”

And from Marilyn Raffaele at…


Observe and give gratitude for everything, for you are bearing witness to the awakening of the masses and the disintegration of the old.  It is what mankind has desired and brought into manifestation.  Those living with closed eyes are beginning to open them, and those with already open eyes are seeing more clearly.  However, be alert to any judgements you may hold with regard to how  the awakening process must appear…

It is time to once again discuss power.  All fear is based in the belief that something has power over something else, be it the body, germs, laws, persons, circumstances of all kinds, or even a God of judgement looking down on you from on high.  Fear comes naturally to humans because having lived lifetimes fully enmeshed in duality and separation, all have been  well educated by their experiences.  Fears still held in cellular memory will continue to express throughout lifetimes until cleared, manifesting  for no seeming reason and with no apparent cause. 

“You are ready to realize and embrace the fact that the new times are already here, not coming in the future.  It is time to accept that false concepts and beliefs no matter how familiar must be left behind if you are to evolve further, much as a child leaves behind his toys when he matures.  You have evolved beyond the need to continue seeking and searching, or depending upon tools for awakening – you have arrived…

Never  beat yourselves up  or rigidly resist some fear that may still seem to have power over you.  Every human still carries (but is now clearing) old cellular memory from fearful experiences of the past.  Long buried  fears often manifest when clearing, so if this happens do not panic, claim it back in as your personal fear, or see it as something to get rid of,  simply allow it to flow through and out. 

“Generally when emotions of fear, anger, frustration, etc. arise, just allow them while loving yourself and recognizing that they are guiding you toward a deeper examination of your belief system – ‘What am I believing that is making me feel this way?  Is it true?’ “

These are only tidbits, there’s much more in the links.



2 Responses to “Unworthiness”

  1. kdaunhauer Says:

    Super helpful for me at this time. I tend to think I am the only one stumbling around trying to deal with all this fear and emotional pain. This post helps me not take it all so personally, as it appears many of us are trying to break out of these conditioned ways of thinking and being. Thanks for all you do.

  2. astrobuss Says:

    I’ll wager that there are more people “trying to deal with all this fear and emotional pain” than not!

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