Self Love

From Daniel Scranton and the Arcturian Council…

“Each individual must first recognize that you are able to access more Source Energy through yourselves than you have ever dreamed possible.  When you are capable of bringing Source Energy through your unique perspective, you are able to add so much to this world of yours, and to the entire universe.  This is truly where your significance lies.

“You change the world by bringing through more of that high frequency Source Energy.  Now often you seek a mission, a purpose, or some goal to achieve that will summon forth the Source Energy that we are talking about, the Source Energy that is so powerful when grounded into the physical reality.  But just by living your lives, just by having your relationships with each other, and by at times just struggling to get by, you are doing all of the summoning that is necessary.

“You see, it doesn’t matter why you are summoning forth more of that energy.  It only matters that you allow it to flow through you, and then we encourage you to recognize how your uniqueness puts a particular flavor on the energy that you bring through.  It is a flavor that only you can add to the Source Energy that you ground into the physical.”

I highly recommend the rest of Daniel’s message at…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

From Brenda Hoffman’s LifeTapestryCreations…

“All seems hopeless – creating a helpless feeling within you because of the fear and anger now seemingly rampant.  You have read and studied what is happening – that the rage and anger are clearing the last vestiges of outer-directed power.  Even though you want to believe that such is true, your vision, your current world does not indicate that.

“Your fear continues to include all you experienced in past times and lives – the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, the Holocaust, dictatorships, and on and on.  All of which are now displayed vibrantly via your governments and the actions of many.”

“Allow yourself to shift between the two worlds as much as you need.  For putting parameters on your growth, your exploration is no different from following the dictates of society.  There are no shoulds in the development of new you – including those you place upon yourself.”

“Perhaps you need to further explore pieces in 3D.  Maybe you do not fully believe the possibilities of 5D.  That is your right.  That is who you are.  To force yourself into something or someone different is placing unnecessary shoulds upon yourself.  Just as you cannot tell others how to live their life, you cannot force yourself to do so.”

Again, I highly recommend the rest of Brenda’s message, at…

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