Self-Love II

We’ve been working with our Golden Rectangle for many months now, and it continues in place till almost the end of February.  A Golden Rectangle is a Configuration of planets that symbolizes Creativity in Harmony with Nature – which is one hallmark of 5D Reality.

For review, the four corners of the Golden Rectangle are…

  • Saturn-Ixion (The Most Important Thing is Recovering our Lost Genius)
  • Atropos-Chaos (the End of Limitation)
  • Uranus-Eris (Obedience to the Soul’s Truth)
  • Jupiter-Haumea (Expansive Rebirth)

Embedded within this Golden Rectangle during January was a Yin Gate that facilitated the Recovery of our Self-Sovereignty through courting Awareness of, and Lovingly Embracing, as many of our Unconscious Fears as we could ferret out.  This was often not Fun, as we Repressed those Fears because they were debilitating.  A Yin Gate symbolizes a Mystery School, where we’re forced to Learn to accept Paradox and see the World through multiple Perspectives at once.

Yin Gate occurs when a third Opposition occurs at the Midpoints of the short sides of a Golden Rectangle.  This creates interlocking Fingers of God pointing to the ends of this third Opposition.  January’s Yin Gate featured an Opposition between Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) and Sedna-Aletheia (The Truth of our Fears).

That Yin Gate Closes today, 2 February, as Lilith moves out of its Opposition to Sedna-Aletheia.  However, a second Yin Gate Opened yesterday, 1 February, and remains Open through most of February.  This February Yin Gate is about Building a New Timeline or Ego-Lifetime based on Self-Love, Driven by Harnessing our formerly-Unconscious Fears.  Fear plus Breathing Equals Excitement, the mortar for our new Timeline.

Opposing Sedna-Aletheia during February is the Conjunction of asteroids Sappho (Self-Love) and Klotho (of the three Fates, the one who “cuts the cloth” out of which a Lifetime is assembled).

Klotho Initiated Sappho on 27 January at 22 Scorpio, “Hunters shooting wild ducks” – a good metaphor for our Efforts to pin down and bring “home” (into Consciousness) our remaining Unconscious Fears.  Fear is the Absence of Love, so filling these holes in the Unconscious, like moving targets on an open sky, is our task in February.  This is a fifteen-year Cycle.

The Sappho/Klotho to Sedna/Aletheia Opposition remains within our usual three Degrees of Sensitivity from 1 February till 26 February, though Aletheia moves on around 22 February.  There are peaks in the Yin Gate Energy on 11 February when Sappho Exactly Opposes Sedna, and 19 February when Klotho Exactly Opposes Sedna.


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