February Week 1-2

As we move into February, we’re Transitioning from…

(1) Recovering our Self-Sovereignty by Embracing our Unconscious Fears


(2) Laying the Foundation for a new Timeline based on Self-Love – by Embracing our Unconscious Fears

You can think of a “Timeline” as an Ego-Lifetime.  We could also say this as…

(2) Bringing our Limiting Beliefs into Consciousness where they can be replaced by Choice, through Acting from Self-Love – or Selfishness – rather than from Self-Rejection

Operating from a “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” foundation means we Assume others are like us, which is rarely true in Cultures that are Individualistic and Diverse (ie, today’s Cultures in most places on the Planet, notwithstanding those who are trying to pretend otherwise).  Instead we could try something like

a. Do unto others as our Heart Asks us to
b. Check with them to see if that’s okay with them
c. Check with your Heart to see if it feels like they’re telling you the Truth
d. Check with your Heart to see if it’s really their Truth or your own Limits
e. Talk to them about your Confusion

Remembering that Confusion is the first stage of Growth.  

The Transition could be Intense in February’s first week, as…

(3) Our Fears could become very Strong this week

Underlying this primary focus is our ongoing…

(4) Recovery of our Cloistered Genius by facing the Truth of our Limitlessness

We could also express this as…

(4) Letting Go of our Limitations by taking a Step into what’s been Forbidden to us

Which Energy gets more Intense next week as…

(5) Facing Down our Fear (which may be aka Moral Choice) of the Verboten becomes The Most Important Thing for us in mid-February

Fear resides in the Belly; Moral Choice resides in the mind (it’s an Either/Or, ie, Political rather than Spiritual).  Bear in mind that there’s nothing “wrong” with the Political, in the 3D World it’s what keeps us on the right side of the Safety tracks.  But giving your Power to Moral Choice or any other Either/Or is the equivalent of bragging about being the fastest gun in the West.  

Give your Power instead to the Spiritual Truth that your Soul is Immortal.  If you don’t Know or Trust that this is True, then…

(5) The Most Important Thing for you in mid-February is likely to be Facing Down your Fear of Death (with Loving Empathy of course)

“You poor Sweetheart, you’re really scared of Death, aren’t you.”

We’re also…

(6) Birthing a New Reality based on Who We Really Are rather than Who We’ve Pretended to Be

Of course as we Open up to these previously-unsanctioned Promised Lands we have to…

(7) Endure all of our Inner Voices (and their Echo from our Friends and Kin and Colleagues and Culture) that Threaten us with Torture, Banishment, and Death because these things are unsanctioned, which often feels like “I’d rather Die.”  And almost certainly brings us face-to-face with our worst Lifetime Bummers.

Unfortunately, these Portals are not easy or fun.  However…

(8) We have substantial Grace at our Backs.

When you feel an Extended Chronic Bummer starting, Recognize that Karma is Dead, and…

(8) Trust that you can Move through your Chronic Bummers much more easily and quickly than you ever have in the Past.

Even that can be greatly accelerated by Recognizing that, at this Time in the Planet’s Evolution, it is an immense Blessing that these Traumas are arising so we can Clear them.

(1)  The Sedna/Aletheia-to-Lilith Yin Gate is fading, being replaced by…

(2) A Sedna/Aletheia-to-Sappho/Klotho Yin Gate.  Sedna/Aletheia represents the Truth of our Unconscious Fears; Sappho/Klotho symbolizes Building a new Lifetime grounded in Self-Love.

(3) Sedna (Fear) is Stationary (Strong), turning Direct on 6 February (6am PST); we expect the impact to be Strongest leading up to that date.

(4) The Yin Gate is enclosed by a Golden Rectangle (the Creative Power of Nature), one axis of which is the Opposition between Saturn-Ixion (The Most Important Thing is Recovering our Lost Genius) and Chaos-Atropos (The End of our Limiting Beliefs).

(5) Ixion Initiates Saturn 14 February (7pm PST) at 26 Sagittarius, “A flag bearer in a battle; the nobly accepted subservience of the individual to collective values and goals.”  

In the Unconscious, there are Dimensions but not Directions.  In other words, Subservience to Collective Values is a Dimension that includes both Subservience to and Rebellion from Collective Values, with Self-Sovereignty or Yintegrity being the zero point or fulcrum of the Dimension.  In the mind, the Choice may be Clear, but probably not the same for each individual.  In the Heart, which follows Higher Values, the Choice is Situational.

(5) In other words. Nobly Accepted Subservience to Collective Values is our Primary Issue in the second week of February, but as an Issue, whether we Accept, Rebel, or Abstain is our own Process

The march toward a World where each person Trusts Their Own Heart and Respects the Right of All Others to Trust Theirs, would suggest that The Most Important Thing is to become Aware of when we Habitually Act from Subservience and when we Habitually Act from Self-Sovereignty, and – in small ways – Learn to do the opposite.  If we are to Learn True Self-Sovereignty and Yintegrity, All of our Actions must be from Choice and Situational, rather than Habitual.

This is an Initiation, and the Saturn-Ixion Cycle spans 35 years, so Subservience to Collective Values remains an Issue till mid-Century.  In our Transition from Patriarchy to Yang Feminine. this shouldn’t be surprising.  As a Cycle, the Energy will be Intense around the Initiation, then go Underground as it gradually subverts the status quo, till the Waxing Square, at which point it will emerge into the main stream.  The Waxing Square occurs in 2026.

(6) And the other axis of which is the Opposition between Uranus-Eris (Forced Dedication to our Soul’s Truth) and Jupiter-Haumea (Expansive Rebirth).

(7) Meanwhile, both Oppositions in the Golden Rectangle are bases for T-Squares.  Chiron (Despair and Miracle) T-Squares the Saturn/Ixion-to-Chaos/Atropos Opposition (#4 above), and Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) T-Squares the Uranus/Eris-to-Jupiter/Haumea Opposition (#6 above).

(8) Chiron and Vesta Trine one another, which with Sappho/Klotho creates a Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace) and with Sedna-Aletheia creates a Kite (Directed Dumb-Luck Grace).

This means we’ll be Required to Face Down our Despair (with Loving Empathy of course) and Question our Unconscious Beliefs, but that the process will be much more Graceful than we’re used to.  Bear this in mind when you’re tempted to Opt Out of the process.

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