February Week 1-2 II

Some useful Wisdom for these Portals…

From Daniel Scranton at…


Being in your bodies has never been more important.  It has never been more important to you as individuals and to the collective to be grounded in your physical bodies.  You are being urged and invited to connect with your physical bodies at this time because of all that is going on with you personally and with the collective consciousness.

“The more of you who are grounded, the better the results will be of the work that is being done on you.  You are constantly receiving upgrades and downloads, and you are also being pulled in the direction of the mind.  The mind has a lot of attractive features, and yet being too focused in your minds will pull you right out of your bodies.  You will experience a lack of alignment.

“Your technology has this effect on you, because it is very mentally oriented.  You are being bombarded with information, opinions, and videos.  And while it is wonderful to be informed, it is more important to be informed about what’s going on within you.  And the best way to ascertain what’s going on within you is to be grounded in your physical bodies.

There’s more at the source, worth reading.

And from Michael Roads via his “365 Steps to a Happier More Conscious Life” series via email…

“Why is the magnificent in you so much more difficult to embrace and accept than the mediocre? How often do you tell anyone that you – and they – are magnificent?  Why not?  Why do we become focussed on criticism so very easily, while appreciation seems such a struggle?  It began with all of us, each generation, as a child, but it is as a conscious adult that we must end it.  You are magnificent; this is Truth.  Any criticism – especially if continuous – of self or others, is a tarnish on yourself and life.  Instead of tarnishing your life . . . polish it.  Choosing Love is an excellent polish!”

See http://michaelroads.org/ .

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