Hope New Moon

In addition to being a Serpent Moon (previous post), the 27 January New Moon (4pm PST) is also very much about Intuition, Boundary and Belief adjustments, and Hope.

It’s a complicated Pattern.  The New Moon is at 9 Degrees (of Aquarius), in a Major Tricolor Square to asteroid Pandora (Hope) and Trine to Centaur Asbolus (Intuition) and asteroid Veritas (Truth).  But the Big Event is the Asbolus-Veritas Diamond Star.  

A Diamond Star consists of a T-Square and a Finger of God both Pointing at the same planet.  It’s considered great because the two planets in the base of the Finger form a Truss Bridge across the base of the T-Square, which serves as a “Bowl of Grace” under the T-Square.  So the Challenge of the T-Square will be much muted by the Trines and Sextiles of the Bridge.

The Opposition at the base of the T-Square is between Orcus (Making and Breaking Oaths) and Pallas-Neptune.  Neptune symbolizes our Relationship with everything larger than ourself, so Pallas-Neptune implies Adjustments to our Boundaries with our Culture and to our Relationship with Spirit.  With Orcus involved, these Boundary Adjustments will involve our Limiting Unconscious Beliefs, and probably Ego Death, as we’re Asked to Give Up long-held Beliefs about what is Safe and what isn’t.

So the T-Square will Challenge us to Trust the Truth of our Intuition more than we Trust the Truth of our Emotional Reactions.  Our Intuitions will be based in our Soul, while our Emotions will be based in our Karma, as their source will be now-Obsolete Oaths we made to Protect ourself from Abuse.  Staring down those strong Keeping-Us-Alive Emotions will constitute difficult Emotional Challenges.

The Sextile at the base of the Finger of God connects asteroid Pandora (Hope) with Centaurs Hylonome (Merging, Demerging, Grief) and Chariklo (Walking in Beauty).

Living our Lives out of Protection from Abuse requires a certain posture, where Pride is probably involved, as we Stiffen our Spine and harden our Shell against our Fear of Abuse.  We’ve Learned that Projecting Fear is a loud invitation to more Abuse, so we ossify our Outrage into Pride.  It’s a Big Step from there to the sort of Soft-Belly Vulnerability that Stephen Levine talks about and which correlates with Dropping our Masks.

We can Walk in Beauty from the posture of Pride and Outrage, but the sort of Walking in Beauty that we’ll do from the posture of Soft Belly will be very different.  Soft Belly is likely to Feel very scary and, initially, very wrong.  It will be Important not to be naive or incautious about it.  We don’t want to wander innocently into situations where Abuse will ambush us when we’re most Vulnerable but not Expecting Abuse, as that will re-Traumatize us and potentially reverse our Growth in Consciousness. 

We want to gradually and Consciously ease into Soft Belly, Opening to it when we know we’ll be Safe, and reverting to Stiff Spine and Tight Belly in situations where we may not be Safe.

Ultimately, it’s not so much Soft Belly that’s our Objective; it’s Conscious Choice.  We want to be able to Choose, Moment to Moment, whichever posture is Safest and most appropriate for the situation, and as we Learn, develop many intermediate postures.

We’ve been operating from the posture of Defense for so long that it’s now largely Unconscious.  As we Decide to step into Vulnerability (which will probably be much helped by PIAVAs, as we’ll be breaking long-held Habits), we’re Newborn.  We’ll Regress to the age we were prior to the historical Abuse that froze us into Stiff Spine, and in the Regression process we Lose Access to the Skills we Learned since, including all of our Adult Skills.  So we want to practice Vulnerability with Safe friends who are willing and able to nursemaid us, before we naively take it to work with us.

The Saving Grace here is Hope.  

Pandora opened the jar and let all manner of “Evil” out into the World.  From the Patriarchy’s Perspective, this was not at all Good, and another indictment of the Feminine.  But we know that what is Unconscious rules us without our Knowledge, while bringing it our into Consciousness offers us Free Choice – usually after an intervening Ego Death and considerable Adjustment to our Timeline.  So moving this nasty material into the Open is actually a tremendous boon for us!  And what was left at the bottom of Pandora’s jar after all the Demons had escaped?  


As we Open to our Vulnerable Infant Self, we have no idea where this new Journey will take us.  We’re likely to be spaced out enough that we can avoid getting lost in the Fear that this Rebirth will evolve in the same Abusive directions as the earlier one.  I’ve always thought that Hope was a poor substitute for Confidence, but it’s a fine replacement for Hopelessness!

In the next installment we’ll talk about the Potential for Hopelessness with this New Moon.  Not to worry, as that Configuration is more about Adjustment than more Trauma.

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