It’s important to “Testify,” as a Reader well knows…

“I just wanted to tell someone, and your blog being so helpful, I have watched this unfold via the astrology as every point of major transition happened on exact degrees of my chart.  I thought studying astrology would help me see what was coming ;)  I don’t need you to publish this comment more that I just wanted to type it with my finger on this box everyone lives in.  As I watch the world shift, to call out to one of the writers and say, ‘I’m here,’ the way people do.

“Your suggestions for self soothing have been so helpful and I’m deeply grateful for your work in this transition.  I’m still somehow trying to allow my ego to say, no hon, it’s true, it’s moving.  I’ve felt unable to communicate as Saturn crossed my Fourth Cusp, with Pluto in the 4th.  It’s funny to even say it.

“My progressed ascendant is in that 20-26-Degree zone, and right now all the major players are below deck.  I’m not sure what happens next, but I’m releasing.  Maybe I went too fast, but I’ve felt deep love.  I’m wishing I could heal everyone and cover up that abandonment and “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” thing.

“I’m going to love myself, whom I’ve missed so much.  Ok.  I just felt I needed to tell someone that.  Thank you.”

I’ve edited a little to preserve anonymity.

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