Eat Organic or Home-Grown Pesticide-Free

Another nail in Glyphosate’s coffin, and hopefully not yours as well…

Note that they forgot to mention that the most reliable (though incomplete) way to avoid Glyphosate is to Choose Organic, or better yet Grow Your Own and eschew pesticides.  And while the Liver-Disease angle might be serious long-term, the fact that Glyphosate is an FDA-approved antibiotic that will wipe out your gut bacteria and hence the front line of your Immune System and Neurotransmitter System and create Intestinal Permeability (which will put inappropriate and toxic molecules directly into your blood), is a far more immediate issue.  And one that could easily have been the proximate cause of the Liver Disease.

If you’re a biochemist, here are the gory details…

We advocate Ego Death, not Liver Death.  As is often the case, thanks to for the tip.

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