Looking Within: January, Week 2, Middle 2

Debbie writes…

“let’s hope these ‘challenges’ all let up soon – but then i guess it depends on how quickly, effectively, and comprehensively we can all do our homework, hey?  I need a breather!”

Don’t we all need a Breather!  But while I think it’s True that the state of the Planet depends partly on “how quickly, effectively, and comprehensively we can all do our homework,” it may be more effective, and especially more quick, if we let the All take care of itself, and just focus on the “I” part.  Here’s an excellent and so timely Perspective from Daniel Scranton.  I’m quoting it in whole because it’s so timely and important…


The Shift Comes From Within

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

“Without anyone’s help, you can shift your consciousness into a reality that is markedly different from the one you currently experience.  We want to emphasize this point because we see so many of you looking outside of yourselves for change, looking for evidence of the shift, evidence of the evolution of humanity.

“You do tend to find what you are looking for, so if you are looking outside of yourself for corruption, you are going to find it.  If you are looking outside of yourself for evidence of greed and hate, you are going to find it.  If you are looking outside of yourself for evidence that the planet’s environment is doomed, you are going to find it.

“So we would like to invite you all to look within yourselves and to look with precision for that which you want to find.  You have all of it inside of you as well, but you decided before you incarnated which aspects of yourself you were going to emphasize in this lifetime.  But even if you are good, compassionate, and loving by everyone else’s standards, if you pay attention to that which is not in your world, you slowly begin to atrophy those aspects within you.

“It is important for you to look within yourselves for that which you do want to activate and that which you do want to create your reality with.  You are no longer on autopilot in this lifetime.  You have been given the keys to the kingdom [that] require choice.  Once you become aware that it is all inside of you and that it is up to you to activate the vibrations you want to feel and experience, then it is up to you to do so.

“It is up to you to stop looking outside of yourselves for that which you do not want to experience, and it is up to you to start looking within yourselves.  Know that the world cannot change without you.  You are the piece of the puzzle that needs to be right where you belong, and right where you belong is a very high vibrational state.  When you look within yourselves for that state and find it, all the other pieces fall into place.

“We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Quite incredibly timely – another amazing “Coincidence”!  If you don’t see What You Want when you first look inside, PIAVA to see it.  It’s there, we just need to sweep away the fog.  

Our Mystery School shifts from…

Locating and Embracing our Unconscious Fears

in another couple of weeks to…

Building a New Life/Ego Based on Self-Love

Which will be a lot more fun.  It’s not too soon to start, by Being Loving and Gentle with our Unconscious Fears as they arise into Consciousness.

And boy, did I have a blockbuster Dream about exactly that this morning, Opening to an Important Unconscious Fear that I was unaware of!  Plan to make space for a few 12-hour sleeps in the next couple of weeks; that’s what always brings me Big Dreams.

Today’s big astroevent is Saturn (The Most Important Thing) Initiating Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) in 23 Sagittarius (Immigrants Learning the Technical Requirements of a New Culture).  The “Coincidences” don’t stop!  It was Exact at 6pm PST on 10 January.  It begins a five-year (62-month) Cycle.  In a typical Cycle, the indicated Energy is Strong at the Initiation, then goes Underground till it emerges into the main stream at the Waxing Square.  That would be May 2018 for this Cycle.

It’s up to us to Consciously Hold the Energy while it’s Underground – we won’t see it Mirrored to us by the Outside World.  But then, that’s what this is about, isn’t it!d 

And the 12 January Full Moon (3:30am PST) creates a second Mystery School, this one about how The Most Important Thing is Embracing our Abandoned Genius – and you can think of that as Opening to Loving anything you see in yourself that you don’t like – including your Fears!  Since this Yin Gate depends on the Moon, it will be short-lived.  However, since it occurs at the Full Moon, its impact will carry forward for at least two to four weeks.

The Challenge presented by this Full Moon will be Opening Up to the Infinite.  This Full Moon is also quintessentially about Endings, so you have the Option here to Choose to Let Go, Once and For All, of All of your Limitations.  While that may sound like it holds promise, it’s more Frightening than jumping off a high cliff – at least there you know there’s a bottom!  Just Open your Wings, K?  

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