January, Week 2, Middle

10-11-12 January are about our Obedience to our Soul, as we discard more Masks that we have used to Protect the Ego at the Expense of the Soul.

The Sun Squares our Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne Stellium (The Soul’s Truth), which is Opposed by Jupiter and Haumea (Expansive Rebirth).  The Moon travels in the same space on 12 January.  Regular readers will recognize that the axis between Uranus-et al and Jupiter-Haumea is one of the Oppositions that define the Golden Rectangle (which is made up of two Oppositions Sextile to one another) that’s been Center Stage for a while.  The other Opposition is Chaos to the Saturn-Ixion-Juno-Nemesis Stellium.

As the Sun and Moon Oppose one another Square to Uranus-et al and Jupiter-Haumea, they create a Grand Cross.  This signifies…

In fact, the middle of this second week of January is likely to see “Crises” or Tests of our Dedication to our Soul’s Truth in situations where the Ego’s Vulnerabilities are Threatened.  Even if we Betray our Deep Self in these Tests, our respite will be short-Lived, as our Olde Ego is scheduled to exit stage left.

The Full Moon Adjoins asteroid Atropos (Endings).

The Full Moon in the 24th Degree of Capricorn and Cancer also creates yet another Axis aligned with the Golden Rectangle, and this Axis Creates…

A second Yin Gate!  One Mystery School at a time is rare and Challenging enough, but two?  The Central Axis, or Central Issue, of this second Yin Gate is the Ixion-Chaos Opposition (Understanding that our Abandoned Genius will lead us to Unlimited Possibilities), with of course Ixion (our Abandoned Genius itself) joined by Saturn (The Most Important Thing), Juno (the Edges of our Consciousness) and asteroid Nemesis (Ego Death).

And a second Golden Rectangle!  A Golden Rectangle represents an Opportunity to Break Through previous Limitations to our Willingness to Receive the Abundant Grace that the Universe offers us.

Here’s an interesting Perspective on our Abundance…


The long or Trine sides of this second Golden Rectangle are Sun to Sedna-Aletheia (Getting Honest about our Fears) and Moon-Atropos to Lilith (Self-Sovereignty).  The Central Issue of our fist Yin Gate, Lilith to Sedna-Aletheia, or Honoring the Paradox that Embracing our Unconscious Fears Accelerates our Self-Sovereigntyis one of the Oppositions defining the second Golden Rectangle.  The other Opposition is the Full Moon itself.  

Since a Full Moon is about Illuminating what we’ve till now seen only through a Glass Darkly, the whole complex represents the Paradoxical Relationships between Recovering our Abandoned Genius, Letting Go of our Limitations, Accepting our Self-Sovereignty, and Becoming Aware of and Honest with ourself about our Unconscious Fears.

Meanwhile, at 6pm PST on 10 January, Saturn Initiates Juno, in 23 Sagittarius, the Cultural Assimilation of New Immigrants.  

This begins a five-year (62-month) Cycle where our Most Important Thing will be welcoming Strange and Contrary parts of our Psyche into our Consciousness – probably including our Abandoned Genius, which will certainly Feel Strange and Contrary, in addition to Feeling like an Overwhelming Homecoming.

“When I came to see from a place other than that pained consciousness, I knew that somehow I had to heal this narcissistic pain and complete my birth.  I had to find out who I was beneath all the fear and confusion, to heal the mind into the heart, to find peace.

“At times in meditation, that confused child that I was would crawl into my arms and tremble with feelings of abandonment, until meditation floated away the fear that no one could love him.

“Indeed, that child might have stayed submerged in a kind of emaciated self-pity if I had not cared so much for him, nurtured him, and begun slowly to unwrap his cocoon.

“Releasing a child’s grief from its bindings is a work of self-mercy so tender and subtle it purifies the air you and your loved ones breathe.  But we need to be very mindful, because we are so attached to our suffering.  It makes up a large part of our identity.  Narcissus often uses pain to define, even outline, the image he finds reflected on the murky surface of the mind.”

“At twenty, with already so much done and undone, with time clearly waiting in ambush. I met Buddha in a bus station…  In his Four Noble Truths the Buddha told me I wasn’t the only one suffering.  He said the pain came from the emotional exhaustion of grasping at the ever changing, even illusory, nature of things.  He said there was a way out.  He offered a path toward clarity and kindness.”  

–Stephen Levine, Turning Toward the Mystery, pp.16-17

Here’s some useful and timely information, considering Mercury is Stationary on the Galactic Center…


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