Anxiety, Judgment, Fear

The Mind is Dualistic.  No Blame, that’s just what it does for a Living.  It will always trap us in Either/Ors that will either end up as Anxiety…

“You poor Sweetheart, you’re really Nervous, aren’t you.  Great Spirit, may we please have Peace and Clarity?”

Or as Judgment – neither of which is Unconditional Love or Permanent Curiosity, our most productive Perspectives…

“You poor Sweetheart, you’re in Judgment, aren’t you.  I Wonder how we could get to Acceptance or Forgiveness and still Feel Safe.”

Both of which are probably fed by Unconscious Fear…

“You poor Sweetheart, do you Feel Scared?  Can I Visualize Safety for us in these circumstances?”

Then of course we’d have to Change the Subject.  Our “You poor Sweetheart…”s can move our Identity out of Chagrin and into Empathy for ourself.  But it may not necessarily quiet intense Unpleasant Emotions.  For that we want to Tap ( )…

“Even though I Feel [Anxious] [Judgmental] [Scared] […], I deeply and completely Love and Accept myself …”

If you aren’t familiar with Tapping, do watch the YouTube video.  It’s easy to Learn and Remember, and it has profound impact.  Before and after you Tap, measure your Emotional Load on the scale of 1 to 10, so you can witness Changes.  If you don’t work down to near zero, Tap again…

“Even though I still Feel [Anxious] [Judgmental] [Scared] […], I deeply and completely Love and Accept myself …”

Let your Story evolve; it might be “Anxious” one minute and “Uptight” the next.  “Sick with Fear” on one pass and “Worried About” the next.  Let it evolve from one Tapping Point to the next if you want.

For the sake of “argument,” suppose you had to fight someone.  Let’s say you were the alpha Wolf or Stag and had to Defend your position, or you were a Mother and had to Defend your Children.  If you go into the fight with so much Anger that you’re just flailing in Rage, or so much Fear that you’re Frozen, you probably won’t do as well.  Even if you hadn’t Learned and Practiced how to fight, you’d be better off to be Calm and Conscious.  You might even remember to do Kegels so you could slow Time down and make your antagonist’s blows easier to dodge, Aikido-style.

I don’t advocate fighting, but it’s a good example of how we’re almost always better off starting from Detachment than we would be if we start from Deep Attachment.  

A reader asks…

“You mention tapping a lot, is it possible to occasioinaly give us a few points to tap that are relevant to the particular archetype the stars are highlighting for us to release?  I’m sure everyone is going thru intense emotions as these things come up for release – some guidance on effective points would be really appreciated.”

I’m not an Acupuncturist, but the purpose of Tapping is to Balance All the Meridians, so I’m not entirely sure Tapping one more than another would, in general, be a good plan, and the Intellect is probably not the best vehicle for favoring one Point over another.  You can always measure your Emotional Load (on the 1-10 scale) between each Tapping Point, to see if one of them makes a bigger difference than the others.  Often I find my Emotional Load decreases sharply just by Tapping the Karate-Chop point and saying the starting phrase, for instance.  

And I very much doubt that any given Acupressure point would be flagged for everyone based on the Energy signified by the planets.  A Mercury Station, for instance, might Awaken or Sharpen one person’s Mind or Communication Channels, Overload the next person’s producing Anxiety, and Overload a third person’s creating Space-Out.

If you want to get into the use of the individual Meridians, Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine is an excellent resource.  She maps out all the Meridians, and if one of them is Out of Balance, to Balance it she recommends tracing it on your body backwards once, then forward twice.  I occasionally get acid stomach, for instance, and if Dilution (drinking a glass of Water) doesn’t fix it, and a tablet of Betaine HCl doesn’t fix it (acid stomach usually results from too little stomach acid, not too much, so squelching the acid damages your health), tracing my Stomach Meridian backward once then forward twice always fixes it.

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