January, Week 2 Start

Our next adventures are the 2am PST 8 January Station of Mercury (Communication) and the 9 January Stations of Eris (Truth-Speaking) at 9am PST and asteroid Karma (Entrenched Habits and Trances) an hour later.  Mercury and Eris are turning Direct, Karma turning Retrograde.  

For extra flavor add in the Initiation of a new 64-month Cycle between Pallas (Boundaries) and Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) in 4 Pisces (Heavy Traffic on a Narrow Road) five hours prior to the Mercury Station.

The Heart’s Truth

Simultaneous Stations (when a planet’s Impact is at its Strongest) of Mercury and Eris are Trouble.  In a Polarized World when everyone is compelled to Speak their Truth loudly and energetically, we can probably expect an uptick in Violence.  Your Heart’s Truth is inviolable, but so is everyone else’s.  

Your Heart’s Truth is not something that Argument or Coercion can Change, though of course Intimidation or Hypnosis can co-opt your Self-Sovereignty and force you to Agree or defer in order to not Rock the Boat, or to Avoid Violence.  Big internecine, interpersonal, inter-political (which includes inter-religious), and international Problems arise when Truth is Intellectualized and made into Either/Ors.


With asteroid Karma also Stationary, all of our Habitual Trances will be Lit Up.  If we traditionally Betray ourself and Give Away our Power, that’s what we’ll probably do in the face of Bullying by our Antagonists.  If we traditionally Shout louder and get our Testosterone in a bunch, we’ll Bully our Agonists.  

It’s an Opportunity to Get Conscious about the Archetypes that Possess us, if we’re up to the Challenge.  You can bet that the Media won’t be.  A friend once advised, “Don’t Get Even, Get Odd” – that’d be a good strategy this weekend.  If you’re Attacked, Respond Irrationally.  If you’re Angry, speak Light Language.  That might Break your Trance, and will most likely Weird Out the other guy.

Boundaries and Abuse

The weekend is further complicated by Issues around Boundaries and Abuse – which will make Bullying more Frightening for some and the Reaction to Bullying more Explosive for others, and maybe both for some.  Bullying could get you dead this weekend, like the prominent rehash of a 1989 parenticide that’s big in the Media these days.  

More Opportunities to Get Conscious of our Limits.  Take the Opportunity.  The Universe isn’t doing this to Torture us, it’s doing it to Wake Us Up to the Artificial Intelligence that runs our Lives.

Just Fix It

It’s intriguing that Mercury thrice passes over the first half of Capricorn during this Retrogradation, while Eris thrice passes over the first half of the Capricorn duad (two and a half Degrees) of Aries during its current Backwardation.  The first half of Capricorn is the Capricorn half – a pragmatic suggestion to “Just Fix It.”  Pluto’s just finished with the same twenty-fourth of the Zodiac.  Pluto was the course; Mercury-Eris is the final.  

Asteroid Karma’s Retrogradation meanwhile spans the Libra through Pisces duads of Virgo; Virgo symbolizes Ego Death, and the Libra through Pisces span is where we meet Other.  “We have met Other and it is Us,” to paraphrase Pogo.  Holy shit.  We are the Victim and we are the Perp.

Mercury’s triple passes take it over Centaurs Chariklo and Hylonome.  Chariklo is about Walking in Beauty, Hylonome about Letting Go of Trances.  We’ll be reviewing all this come Tuesday and for the rest of the week.  Make it a Loving and Gentle review.

8 January: 
Nessus Initiates Pallas Pisces 4
Mercury Stationary Direct 2am Sadge 29

9 January:
Eris Stationary Direct Aries 23 
Karma Stationary Retrograde Virgo 18

10 January:
Sun over Uranus et al 
Sun-Uranus 8am

11 January:
Sun Opposes Jupiter 9pm 
Saturn Initiates Juno Sagittarius 23

12 January:
Almost-Grand Quintile
Full Moon 4am Cancer 23 
Moon-Uranus 1am 
Moon Opposes Jupiter 3am

13 January:
Neptune Initiates Venus Pisces 11

One Response to “January, Week 2 Start”

  1. Cass Says:

    Except if you are being bullied by souls using electronic torture because as a targetted individual of over four years, I can say honestly I am NO PERP, gang stalking innocent people. Look on Facebook targeted individual and see how many of us there are! Pray for me. They microwave me and without a spectrum analyzer that records they will continue to get away with silent murder. Produced heart attacks. Thank you, bless you. I hope I do not die this weekend from this bullying.

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