January, Week 1 Summarized

We continue to be in the thick of Expanding our Pursuit of our True Self and Removing our Masks, particularly with regard to Recovering our Abandoned Genius.

We’re still in School studying how becoming Truthful with ourselves about What We Fear impacts our Self-Sovereignty.

We’re Re-Experiencing our Abuse Traumas, with the goal of Healing them.  

We’re involuntarily Re-Examining a deluge of Memories, covering most everything we’ve ever Regretted.  After getting Lost in them for a moment, we’re Remembering that this is about Letting Go, and Shedding them.

In our moments of Despair over all of this Excess Work, we’re Embracing ourselves with our “You poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Overwhelmed, aren’t you” or the like.

We’re discovering graduate-level Connections between the Recoveries of our True Self and Abandoned Genius on the one hand, and our Repressed Traumas and Regretted Memories.

We’re entering a whole new Province of Manifestation, where we Learn shortcuts to Create What We Want directly.  This is partly related to our Work reducing our Self-Sabotage, and partly a matter of Energetic Changes on the Planet.

That’s the gist of it, in short form.  Of course all those things are relevant only if we’re Conscious and Proactive about our Growth.  If we weren’t Paying Attention, we could just be Experiencing the Week as a series of  Unexamined Trying Circumstances and Difficult Emotions.


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