Rebirth Meditation

If you’ve asked Nicole to add a stone for you to her Grid (or even if not), her Meditation/Dedication occurs at 1am PST 29 December 2016.  Sounds fabulous to me…

An excerpt…

Everything is created first in the zero-point field, that place of potent emptiness that resides as the spaces between the fabric of existence.  The New Moon is potently linked to this space of possibility, where our thoughts and intents begin to shape matter itself into our new reality.

In a few hours (4pm PST 28 December) Saturn (The Most Important Thing) Opposes dwarf planet Chaos, which symbolizes The Zero Point Field, aka Unlimited Potential.  Oh, and by the way, dwarf planet Makemake, which represents Manifestation, is at its Strongest this week.

The New Moon itself occurs at a few minutes before 11pm PST 28 December.  We’ll have a look at the New Moon chart shortly – we’ve already talked about most of that chart, in yesterday’s Like John Said post.  In the interim, here’s more background…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

Remember Both/And; Truth is Different for each of us because Truth resides in the Heart, not in the mind’s Duality.  Even if this is not our Truth, it may be useful to us, as all New Perspectives are.  New Perspectives may help us Let Go of Judgment of Others, they may help us Let Go of Unconscious Limiting Beliefs, and they may Grow Corn for us in Unusual Circumstances.

One Response to “Rebirth Meditation”

  1. alchemist0310 Says:

    Indeed added a stone to the grid, and have a photo i took that comes spinning around on my photo archive on cell phone. I feel a little fairy tingle each time I see that crystal circle… and it reminds me of the infinite possibilities within zero point field… so beautiful and so so timely. only you could connect up with cauldrons and cupcakes people!! crazy and infinite love :)

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