Portal 28.12 Full Moon

Other than what we already discussed in yesterday’s What John Said post, there are three major elements in the 28 December 2016 (11pm PST) New Moon chart that are specific to the New Moon itself…

(2) The second one (we’ll start there because it’s easier) will make our Big Shed – where we’re Shedding all of the Patriarchy-related krap, Trauma, and Abuse that we’ve accumulated over the last several millennia – much easier.

(3) There’s a thin Edge between intellectualizing the goings-on and therefore missing it, and using the intellectuality of it to facilitate bringing them into Consciously.  To walk the Edge, be Mindful of any Judgment or Limitation you encounter, and Realize that it’s a Paradox that needs to be Accepted As It Is.  The result will be Walking in Beauty.

(4) The formulas in What John Said, or the equivalents, are a critical part of the Letting-Go process.

(1) This New Moon is an Intensely Intensely Powerful Time for this Shedding, 88 on a scale of one to ten.

(2) The New Moon forms a Trine Bridge across the busy Nodal Axis.  The Nodal Axis continues to be busy, with Mars-Neptune (Integrating Physicality and Spirituality) on the South Node (Habitual Patterns, Held Emotions, and Hidden Skills) and Orcus (Oath-Making and Oath-Breaking) on the North Node (Deepest Desires and Mission).

(3) The New Moon Conjoins Mercury (mind) and Chariklo (Walking in Beauty).

(4) The Chiron T-Square and Ixion Golden Rectangle are very strong.

(1) The New Moon is one corner of an almost-complete Grand Septile.  Septile or Seventh-Harmonic Angles are about the Effortlessness of Acting at the precise Time when Power Flows through you, the Frustration of Acting at the wrong Moment, and the process of “Saving your Energy,” as Castaneda would put it.

The six extant corners are…

  • Sappho-Klotho (Creating a Life Based on Self-Love)
  • New Moon-Mercury-Chariklo
  • Pallas-OR10-Nessus (Setting Boundaries against Abuse)
  • Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne (Locating and Letting Go of our Remaining Masks)
  • Asbolus-Veritas (Trusting the Truth of our Intuition)
  • Vesta-Varuna (Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs that are Anti-Life)

The would-be seventh corner or Vacancy is 25 Virgo, “A flag at half-mast in front of a public building” – we’ll take that as The Death of the Patriarchy.

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