Revert! 3

Let’s look at the Grace in the Saturn-Chiron-Chaos chart.  Many astrologers would regard the chart as the best sort of chart one could find, because it contains high Motivation and Deep Grace at the same time.  And the Grace is the best sort of Grace – a Grand Sextile.

We’ve written this up as Saturn-Chiron-Chaos and Nemesis-Saturn-Chiron-Chaos because that’s the astroevent with the highest Sensitivity – remarkable Sensitivity as we’ve said.  But you’ll recall that for a long time we’ve been emphasizing Recovery of our Abandoned Genius, because of the Ixion-Chaos Opposition.  And the Ixion-Chaos Opposition is still there, just less Sensitive than Saturn-Chaos.  Ixion will Initiate Saturn at the Ides of February.

At any given time Saturn, recall, points out The Most Important Thing.  So far our Genii have just been Highly Lit Up.  But by February our Genii will be The Most Important Thing.  Embracing our Abandoned Genius is like Embracing our Karmic Held Emotions – in fact, it’s the same thing; our Genius is hidden behind a wall of “I’d rather Die than Feel That again!”  And that’s exactly what will be happening << I >>, your old Ego, will have to Endure an Ego Death in order for your Recovery to proceed.

So in February we’ll be split into two camps.  For some of us, The Most Important Thing will be Protecting our Olde Ego against the reckless attempts of our Genii to escape from prison.  And for some of us The Most Important Thing will be Lovingly and Gently nursing the shrapnel wounds we got while dynamiting the back wall of the hoosegow.  Remember the Olde movies when they’d loop a rope around the bars and the saddlehorn, then spur their Horse forward?

Life on the Planet seems to be deteriorating at a quickening pace, which brings up the whole How-does-that-5th-Dimensional-Jump-Work-Again? question.  Are all those people we know that are leaving the Planet, are they the smart ones, leaving the rest of us here to suffer?  It’s probably a better time than ever to Celebrate Death more than Grieve it – though of course Grief will always be there.  If we can Preserve (or Create) Neutrality, will that serve us, or will we just be Lambs for the slaughter?  

It’s pretty Clear that the Universe is telling us that the Escape lies through our Disowned Genius.  How will we recognize them?  It’s actually not that hard.  Of all the possible Insults in the World, which one would make you most upset if someone hurled it at you?  Look in the Mirror and call yourself names, as if you were your own older sibling trying to Intimidate you.  Which epithets hurt the most?  Those are likely to tell you were the door to the tunnel under the wall is.

The characteristic of a Sextile is that Grace follows after we take the first step.  Using your Ego-Death Tools – Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade, Tapping, “You poor Sweetheart…ing,” PIAVAing what you Want instead of what you don’t Want, etc – on your Reactions to the worst names is a good first step.

The Nemesis-Saturn-Chiron-Chaos T-Square and the Grand Sextile share the Opposition between Saturn-Ixion and Chaos.  The Grand Sextile on 28 December, when the T-Square is Exact, includes these components…

  • Nemesis-Saturn-Ixion-Pholus (The Most Important Thing is facing the Ego Death that arises when we become Fully Responsible to our Abandoned Genius)
  • Asteroid Moira (Fate)
  • Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne (Memories of the Abuse that caused us to hide our True Self)
  • Dwarf planet Chaos (Limitlessness)
  • Asteroid Eurydike (Trust)
  • Jupiter-Haumea (Rebirth via Caesarean Section if necessary)

We can also cast it as a Diamond Star, where the Truss Bridge under the Chiron T-Square, which represents the Easy way for us to deal with the current Crisis of Despair, is Chaos to Eurydike to Jupiter-Haumea to Nemesis-Saturn-Ixion-Pholus (Trust that our Ego Death is in Real Life a Rebirth into a more Glorious Future than we can Imagine).

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