Abuse IV: Overload

I’ll spare you a catalog of specific reasons, but after taking the first hour of my day to ground the Fear in my body, and then scanning the news, I’m realizing (as if it was a secret – I’m just a little slow generalizing!) that the international economic and political and military situation is a huge part of this whole Trauma-Drama of Power-Over and Abuse.  

Here’s a fabulous, oh-so-timely suggestion, from…


“You are accessing more energy now than ever before, and that energy is of a very high frequency, especially for your physical bodies to handle.  So by opening yourself to receive and allowing the energy to flow, you are actually summoning more.  And the more energy you allow to flow, the greater your ability to create.

“Giving the energy somewhere to go is also an important part in the process.  If you cannot figure out where you want to flow the energy that is coming to you and moving through you, we suggest that you simply send it somewhere that you know it is needed.

If there is nothing that you feel passionate about, or that you can  imagine creating, then flow your energy towards someone, or a group of people, who are asking but not receiving.  You become aware of these people all the time through your media and through your social media.

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