Abuse IV: Overload II

As you send Energy to “somewhere that you know it is needed,” you may also want to be Selective, choosing destinations for your Energy that Feel like they are part of your own Mission on the Planet, and that Feel Safe for your own current Dance between Ego and Consciousness.  When you send Energy, you Connect, and the flow runs both ways, which can easily amp up the Energy – and the Overload – even more.  If you aren’t sure, Ask for Guidance.  

Ego Death is Ego Death, we don’t usually have a Choice about its Timing, only about how we Respond to it.  But pushing ourselves to do more than we can handle at the moment, risks backlash that can actually increase our Limiting Beliefs.  “Safety First” is an element of Self-Care that may Limit us in the short run, but will probably Expand us more in the long run.  It may feel like next week will be too late for our Actions to have impact, but Linear Time is actually malleable; you have Choices that the Linear Time Trance doesn’t want you to have.

Seventh Harmonic Timing – Don Juan’s “Saving your Energy” in Castaneda’s telling, is prominent in December.  There are Moments when we can Change the World with the wave of a hand – the rest of the Time we’re just bashing our heads on a brick wall.  One of the most Powerful things we can Learn here is how to use this sort of Timing.  The Seventh-Harmonic elements of the 17.12 Portal have to do with

  • (1) Setting Boundaries to Protect Obedience to your Soul from Archetypes
  • (2) Carefully Choosing the “Battles” that are “Yours”
  • (3) Learning where You the Individual Ends and You the Artifice of your Culture begins – you want to Align You the Individual with what you Want your Culture to become rather than what your Culture has been

I was planning to leave these out, as it seemed like we already had plenty going on, but here they are, forcing their way into our Consciousness!

There are two “Septile Wedges” and one Quintile Yod in the 17 December Nessus-OR10 chart.  A “Septile Wedge” is planet1 Septile planet2 Biseptile planet3 Triseptile planet 1, forming a thin wedge across one half of the Wheel.  It’s a Timing Opportunity and more importantly, a Timing Teaching.  The Quintile Yod is a third planet at the Far Midpoint between two planets joined by a Quintile.  It’s a Learning Opportunity about the role of the third planet.  The Septile Wedges are…

(1) Uranus (True Self) Biseptile Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) Triseptile Mars-Pallas (Active Boundaries) Septile Uranus… 

The Timing is Right to Surround ourself and our Self with a Veil that is impermeable to Limiting Beliefs that inhibit our Growth in Consciousness, but permeable to Habit Patterns that Serve our Mission.

(2) Saturn (The Most Important Thing) Biseptile North Node (our Mission) Triseptile Venus (our Values)… 

The Timing is Right to Shift our Values so they no longer Support Protection from our Held Emotions, and instead Support What We Came Here To Do.

And the Quintile Yod is…

(3) Focused on Vesta (Inherited Beliefs) from Sun (our Essence) Quintile Neptune (our Culture)… 

A Portal is Open which will Allow us to Learn to Shift the Unconscious Archetypes that Drive our Actions and Values and Words away from those which Support our Limiting Cultural Norms, to those which Support the Development of our Unique Genius.  We’re dealing with the Unconscious, so we don’t Shift anything with thought; we Shift the Unconscious with PIAVAs.

The Changes we’re in are huge; be sure to append “Lovingly and Gently” to all your PIAVAs, and PIAVA that you be well Supported Economically and Emotionally during disruptive Transitions.  You may even want to consider an Emotional Support Duck, especially one that lays Eggs…


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