Consciousness and Matter 2 (8.12)

We can add one more Energy to the 1 December and the Angels list of current astroevents ( ).  This Energy peaks around 1:30pm PST or so on 8 December, but will be Strong from around 7am till 9pm PST.  And it will be in effect, just not as brightly Lit Up, for most of the week and beyond – in fact it’s Lit Up again on 12-13 and 16 December.

It’s a Seventh Harmonic Configuration, which means Timing.  The Essence of the Seventh Harmonic is Knowing when to Act.  Acting at the wrong time creates wasted Energy, and often without Success.  Acting at precisely the right time can create Effortless Success.  You see that a dozen times every week in any football or futbal game, or any attempt to make contact with another person – how Effortless a perfectly timed pass appears to be, compared to how clumsy a muffed pass looks.

When we have to Respond to a sudden stimulus, we don’t have time to think it out.  We have to Act on either Instinct or Intuition.  To be Open to our Instincts and Intuitions, we need to Clear our Self-Sabotaging Limiting Beliefs and Self-Doubt, aka Karma, aka Let Go of Archetypes that separate us from our True Self.

We’re all born with Clarity around some Material issues, and Difficulty with others.  Some of us have always Effortlessly Manifested food and shelter, for instance, while for some it’s been a constant hassle.  Others among us have always Effortlessly Manifested Supportive Relationships, while for many it’s a lifelong source of Frustration.  Lifetime Ease and Difficulty are good examples of places where our Instincts and Intuitions are already Clear – or not.

Think about your own Life, about the arenas of Life that are Effortless for you to ace, versus the arenas where you’ve “never” managed to get it right.  You may not even be Conscious of how easy some things are for you, till you start seeing how much difficulty other people have with those things.  It’s not because they’re dumb or lazy or weak.

All Day (PST) 8 and 16 December, as well as 12-13 December (mid-day to mid-day PST), will be perfect times to see this illustrated for ourselves.  Start by watching very carefully for any Doubt that arises on these days.  Doubt and Indecision aren’t compatible with either Instinct or Intuition, so it gives you an Opportunity to practice shifting back from Ego to Guidance.  Simply Give It Over, or Give It to God/Goddess, or Give It to Your Guidance, then Change the Subject.  If Doubt arises again, Give It Over again.

Eventually a Choice will be made for you.  When it is, Act, if the Action isn’t automatic – if you’re successful in Giving It Over and Changing the Subject, you may forget that you were previously in Doubt.  The more history you have with Frustration about Effort and Success around this particular issue, the more difficulty you’ll have Giving It Over and Changing the Subject.  Take a break, then keep trying.  It’s about Changing Habits, and it takes Perseverance and Repetitions to do that.

What sort of clues does astrology give us around the likely issues to watch for?  Few.  The astrology is about Methodology, not Content.  You’ll supply your own Content.  The astrological terms (planets, Separated by Seventh-Harmonic Angles) are Intuition, Charm, Yintegrity, and Belief.  If you’re Aware of arenas of Life where your Actions are more Effortless and your Success greather than for other people, what do you usually attribute that to?  Charm?  Ruthlessness?  Clarity?  Innate or Earned Superiority?  Confidence?  Certainty?  

The Configuration is a Septile Kite, with the Moon on one shoulder at about 1:30pm PST on 8 December.  The Kite will still be in place 12-13 December, when the Moon will be on the peak of the Kite (Complete around 1am PST on the 13th), and 16 December when the Moon will be on the other shoulder (Complete about 1:30pm PST).  Sensitivities will be about 8 hours on either side of Completions because the Uranus-Eris Stellium is spread over several Degrees.  The 12th-13th and 16th will provide additional Opportunities to Look and Learn about how Manifestation, Emotion/Passion, and Instinct interact.

The corners of the Kite are…

  • Top – Asbolus (Intuition
  • Tail – Chariklo (Charm
  • Shoulders –
    • Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs)
    • Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne (Yintegrity)

There is considerable Economic and Social uncertainty in our Future.  With the many important Economic and Cultural Cycles in or entering the Void, 


  • Jupiter-Saturn, Jupiter-Pluto, Jupiter-Ixion, Jupiter-Pholus, Jupiter-Quaoar  
  • Saturn-Neptune, Saturn-Chiron, Saturn-Pluto, Saturn-Ixion, Saturn-Pholus, Saturn-Quaoar, Saturn-OR10, Saturn-Nessus

– the Void phase of a Cycle is the phase between the Waning Square and the following Conjunction or Initiation)

astrology’s pretty clear about that.  It doesn’t take a lot of research to confirm this in “Real Life.”  

When we imagine what our Life will be like in two years, what do we get?  These December dates will be excellent times to practice Tapping Out Fear, Poor-Sweethearting our historical Scarcity and Lack of Deservingness, finding our Gratitude for what we’ve already Created, thickening our Connections with Guides and Angels and other Prime Movers (remember the Power in Repetition), PIAVAing what we Want, and in general practicing keeping our Attention on what we do Want, without Denying any Real Emotions.

What we Manifest is a reflection of the Sum of our Conscious Passions and our Unconscious Passion.  It would behoove even to PIAVA that we Lovingly and Gently Open ourselves to knowing and Embracing any Unconscious Passions that may hinder our Future Abundance, so we can Love them into Alignment with what we Want, or modify what we Want to include any alternative Goals that our Unconscious Passions pursue.

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