The Thousand Vignettes

Folks say that as we die, our whole life passes before our eyes.  Well, when an Ego Death approaches, a snippet of our Lives passes before our Attention.  This happens to me every time I get into the shower – and at other times of course.  

Without warning or apparent provocation I’ll suddenly “travel” to an earlier time where some poignant event is occurring.  Where I passed up an Opportunity, or where I inadvertently apparently insulted someone, or when some threshold of omission or commission passed, from which there was no return.  There’s a sense of Melancholy, and often a tear isn’t far away.

It’s as if I’m watching a movie or a play.  These snippets can easily snag me into Regret or Grief or Anger.  Each one is an Opportunity to re-grasp my Karma or Let It Go.  I’ve discovered, thanks to Michael Roads, that it helps immensely to flood the spontaneously recalled scene with “White Light.”  

The “White Light” that folks talk about isn’t really white or milky, it’s Clear – some folks refer to it as a “Clear White Light.”  On the other hand it’s not really transparent; it’s visible to the “mind’s eye.”  A good description might be “Opalescent.”  In Light, white is the combination of all colors.  And while the colors in Clear White Light aren’t really visible to the eye directly, you know they’re there.  “Shimmering” is a good word, but it’s subtle.

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