Everybody Survive?

The overall Energy is “improving” – that is, a bit less Challenging.  Challenge does lead to Mastery, but Overwhelm leads to regression.  There are three ongoing keys here…

  • Trust – as difficult as that is when the planet’s hardcopy “Reality” appears to have such a dismal future
  • Self-Compassion – you’ll be amazed at how Powerful a “You poor Sweetheart…” can be
  • Self-Sovereignty – while normally this could put us in a position to have to surrender battles to win wars, the conditions for maintaining Boundaries are actually excellent

In order, in astrologuese these are…

  • Asteroid Eurydice (Trust) continues to complete a Grand Sextile with the other party-goers at 20-25 Degrees, while two other planets in the same Degrees make T-Squares to…
  • Chiron (Tests of our Self-Love) across the Ixion-Chaos Opposition (Recovering our Abandoned Genie) and
  • Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) across the Pallas-Eurydike Opposition (Trusting that we can successfully set Boundaries)

These conditions continue into the 29 November Full Moon and beyond.

On Thursday 24 November, or sooner if you’re more Sensitive to it, expect another Revelation or Deconstruction in the Collapse of Cultures.  We’ll talk more about that soon.

Jupiter makes its Waxing Square to Pluto.  The Moon crosses Jupiter, while Venus and Lachesis (Linear Time) Dance with Pluto.

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