Creating and Emoting

It doesn’t work to gloss over or Deny Real Emotions; Emotions are actually the glue that differentiates Matter from Energy, part of the Moon’s role here.  Tapping them Out, You-poor-Sweethearting them, Embracing them, and (optionally) Exploring their Origins is a very productive Response to any Emotional Drama

Actually, this is True even for the “positive” Emotions.  Many of those are programmed Responses to the outside World, rather than expressions of the Truth in our Heart.  

We just don’t want to stay in the Drama any more than is necessary to be Loving and Gentle with it.  “If you are emotionally and mentally invested in the out-picturing of the chaos, you are not in your personal power of transformation,” say the Hathors we’re quoting and linking to below.

Once we’ve Embraced the Emotions, then we can move into Manifestation unencumbered.  A couple of paragraphs from these advisors…

We know that many of you do not and have not ever felt at home here on this planet.  We will confirm that this is not your home.  You have not felt like you fit in because you are here to quicken, arouse, stimulate, and summon a new reality.

“You are here to remember your unlimited abilities.  You are here to execute and carry out anchoring in the conscious field the truth that all beings are multidimensional divine cosmic starseeds.  Quicken, arouse.”

The rest of which is well worth reading…

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One Response to “Creating and Emoting”

  1. alchemist0310 Says:

    Very resonant for the creative and emotional starseeds during this time. Words to live by. I’m finding the 12D Shield Building Technique by Lisa Renee very helpful now. Available on YouTube.

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