AstroTiming 2 – The Moon

Forgot to mention the Moon, which is a major Timing trigger.  For instance, on 8 November, Nessus was within one Arcminute and six days of its 14 November Full-Moon Station, and OR10 was within one Arcminute and eleven days from its 19 November Station – so their Influence would have been pretty strong anyway.  But on 8 November the Moon crossed them, and then on 9 November the Moon crossed Neptune-South Node, when Neptune was two Arcminutes and ten days from its 19 November Station.  

It’s very possible that this was the peak of their Station Energies for many of us.  Then on 14-15 November, at the Full Moon, the Moon Squared Nessus, OR10, Neptune, Orcus and the Nodes.  Meanwhile, the Neptune-South Node Quintile Yod (Pay Attention to Learning This!) was in full force.  This could easily have been the peak, or another peak, of these Energies.

At around 4am PST this morning (19 November), the Moon crossed the Vesta corner of the base of the Neptune-South Node Quintile Yod – another opportunity for a climax.  On 21 November, between around 6am and 5pm PST, the Moon Opposes Nessus-OR10 and then crosses the North Node, Orcus, and Karma, while Opposing Neptune-South Node – an excellent time for an aftershock.

The Moon moves about twelve Degrees a day, give or take a few Degrees (its orbit isn’t round).  The Sun, Mercury, and Venus move about one Degree a day, and they could also serve as triggers for longer-wavelength astroevents.

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