AstroTiming in General

In general, I’ve found that…

First, The Energy of an astroevent will increase gradually up to the moment of the event, and then, if we’ve been Conscious of it, fade rapidly.  If on the other hand we let ourself be Victimized by the Energy, we’re likely to have made Decisions to Protect ourself from being so Victimized in the Future.  Those Decisions become Limiting Beliefs, and carry the Perceived Trauma of the astroevent into the Future.

The classic example is 9/11.  The Dark Saturn-Pluto Energy, that often characterizes such external-World events, was complete in August, but “someone,” waiting until the Moon began a new Out-of-Bounds Cycle and folks would therefore be more Emotional, to take advantage of the hangover of Saturn-Pluto Fear Energy and create a major Trauma, then milk it for all it was worth.  Proactive Crisis Capitalism par excellence.  We’re still paying the price fifteen years later.

To use a more current example, there will be a huge Dimensional shift this coming weekend.  If we think we Understand it now, we’ll Constrain it to fit our Expectations.  If we can manage to Enjoy Confusion (even if we have to work at Creating or Re-Creating it), we’ll be more Open to a new Shift.  That will probably be true even if it the Shift occurs behind the Veil and we aren’t Conscious of it till later.

There’s an obvious tradeoff here – we want to be Conscious of the astroevent so we don’t React to it as a Victim, but we don’t want to be smug about it so we can remain Open to what we don’t Understand yet.  So to Dance into that tradeoff, we strive to keep our Interpretations fairly vague.  And of course everyone will React and Respond differently anyway.

On the other hand, we often interpret the New and Full Moons as if they presage events and Energies, rather than the other way around.  We could read them both ways.  As a discrete astroevent, their Energy builds till then event, then fades.  As the Initiation of a new Lunar Cycle, their Energy is just beginning.  

This is a complexity of an Initiation in general: as a new Cycle is being Initiated, its Energy is very Strong.  Then the Energy goes underground, to surface “permanently” at the Waxing Square.  So a New-Moon Energy, for instance, might be felt most Strongly just at and prior to the New Moon itself, then dominate our Perception of the second and third weeks thereafter, between the following Waxing and Waning Squares.

Second, the more Sensitive we are, the earlier we will pick up on an astroEnergy.  The slower the planet(s) making the astroevent, the longer the wavelength of the Energy.  So the Perceived duration of a Neptune event will be longer than the duration of a Mars event.  Then there are the temporal overlaps, or interactions.  Planetary Energies can interact by being in the same Degree, the same Sign, apart by significant Harmonics (the Fifth and Seventh Harmonics especially create Strong interactions between different Degrees), or by being Lit Up at the same time.

There are a number of different types of astroevents, among them…

  • Significant Angles between planets (like Jupiter’s Waning Square to Pluto on Thanksgiving)
  • Sign Changes of planets (like the recent ingress of Varuna into Leo)
  • Configurations of same (like the current Neptune-South Node Quintile Yod)
  • Initiations of new Cycles between planets (such as the recent Haumea-Sappho and Makemake-Hopi Initiations)
  • Stations (like tomorrow’s Stations of Neptune and OR10)

We tend to focus on the last three listed, and on the outer and beyond-outer planets and dwarf planets; other astrologers focus differently.

We can express Sensitivity in Degrees, or in Time.  The most common thresholds used in astrology are three Degrees and one Degree.  So Thanksgiving’s Waning-Jupiter-Square-Pluto (Awareness that the path we’ve Chosen for our Growth over the last Decade is getting long in the tooth and will need to be replaced in a few years) came within three Degrees on 8 November and one Degree on 18 November.

Since there are so many astroevents Waxing and Waning all the time, we often just think in terms of a week.  Yes, next month’s Big Events are warming up already, but at this point they’re background, while this week’s events are up in our face.

Third, Sensitive points in our own natal charts will very much impact how Strongly we Experience a current astroevent.  For instance, there’s been a huge amount of Action lately in the 20-26 range of Degrees of many Signs.  Whatever natal planets we have in those Degrees will be Lit Up, making us more Sensitive to the current astroevents in those Degrees, and coloring our Experience of the astroevents as we see them through the eyes of our natal planet.

For example, suppose you had a natal Jupiter-Uranus (Strong need for Yintegrity) T-Squaring (Mastery through Challenge) an Opposition between Ixion (Repressed Genius) and Sedna (Actions Taken out of Panic) in 20-25 Degrees of their Signs.  Then you would likely have a major Life Issue around Speaking Your Truth and Trusting Your Uniqueness while Learning to finesse when to Trust, when to Power-Over, and when to Power-With your Fear.  

All of the recent 20-26 astroevents will Light Up those natal concerns, and you’d be more Sensitive to them than the average Bear.  The fact that many of the same planets are involved in the current astroevents (Uranus, Ixion, Sedna) would make the effect even more pronounded.

In other words, there’s a lot involved in Timing astro-Energies, and there’s a lot more that we haven’t considered.  Linear Time is a lot more complicated than clocks and calendars make it seem, and this hints at the Multifarious and Unitary interactions between our Identity, our Perspective Sets, our Life Mission, our Archetypes, our Parallels, our External Realities, our Cultures, and their Zeitgeister,

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