Another Intense Week V

A reader wonders why we’d want to swap Timelines.  Here’s one possible response…

” ‘You are living in a time when the great potential of many brilliant individuals is suppressed.  Your people are stricken with disease, war, famine, and suffering on a level that rivals anything in your historical past.  All of your true geniuses who develop the means for holistic health and a global abundance of food are persecuted, ridiculed, restrained, and controlled by rampant corporate greed and consensus reality.  However, as always, the greater the suppression, the greater the resulting explosion.’

” ‘You live in a time of great cataclysm, a time of an explosive upheaval in consciousness.  This can be seen environmentally in the unprecedented speed of change.  The times you live in will be the determining factor of your next reality frame.  Some of your humanity will incarnate into the [Hellish] reality that we visited earlier; some will incarnate here [in a more Heavenly reality].  The big majority, however, will probably incarnate back into a reality frame that is a continuation of your present mode.

” ‘How is this decided?’

 ” ‘By how you live your life.  By your individual state of consciousness.  It is determined not by what you know, but by the degree of Love you are able to express in your daily life.  Love that has no cause, motivation, or conditions – just a need to express your highest ideals and principles.’

” ‘I know where the multimillionaire manipulators and prime movers will go,’ I say, thinking of that other [Hellish] place.

” ‘Do you?  Or is this a judgment of right and wrong?  All this is happening in your present time/frame – from the most gross/negative to the ultra-positive – is a reflection of the whole human consciousness of that frame.  There is truly no right and wrong, good or bad; there is only the individual expressions of fear/deny or Love/accept, and all the shades in between that determine the eternal Now of each individual within the Whole.  Neither innocence nor guilt, nor judgment and blame has any place with this; it is all self-determined.’ “

–Michael Roads, Into a Timeless Realm, pp.227-8

“The simple fact is that we are all magnificent Beings, seeking Self in the way that most pertains to us, right now.  We are all unique, wonderfully different, each of us having our own relevant experiences in our different realities.”

“The only way through our fear-based resistance and its accompanying trauma is to accept our own reality, no matter how different it may be.  That’s easier said then done.  Most sensitive people fear being different.  I am aware that being different caused many of us to endure torture and death in previous lives, and the imprint of this trauma is still within our consciousness.”

“We are here to expand in our awareness and grow in consciousness.  We are here to unfold and flower, and to share the fragrance of our uniqueness with other people.”


Whether that means staying our current course or changing Timelines in midstream (assuming we, in our own Personal Process, aren’t already at the Other shore) is completely our Choice.  Yes, Death is one method of swapping Timelines.  Walking-In is another.  The kind of swap that was suggested in Another Intense Week IV is a third method, one we may be a little less familiar with.  It’s not Either/Or, it’s Both/And.

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