Another Intense Week IV

Astrologically, this week is one of the more prominent with regard to “an increase of chaotic events,” and “objective” Reality has a good share of them to match.  So this is timely…

I chose this version because there are useful related links at the bottom of the page; otherwise, we could equally have linked to…


Gratitude to all of these players. 

3 Responses to “Another Intense Week IV”

  1. darshanamaya Says:

    And why would I want to jump timelines? Isn’t our work here? More please!

  2. astrobuss Says:

    Good question. If we’re satisfied that our Work here is going max well, no reason. One reason though might be jumping to a timeline where our Work is progressing even better, and with less suffering. Another reason might be Wanting to Work on Creating a World where Collaboration and Cooperation with all aspects of Self and Other are primary, rather than Working to Resist a World of Competition, Privilege, and Abuse. Bottom line, each person is likely to Want something different from everyone else. And it’s Both/And, not Either/Or.

  3. astrobuss Says:

    Here’s another picture of it – . And our Choices accumulate. (Thanks to soulspeak, , for the link.)

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